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Spiders for HAMM SHOW 10.09 - Delivery DOOR-TO-DOOR. SPECIAL OFFER!

clock.icon vor 4 Wochen - Oława

We THE Spider’s Empire will go to the Hamm show. We will start ours travel on Saturday 09.09 and go though this route:

Oława → Legnica → Gorlitz → Dresden → Leipzig → Kassel → Hamm

We have a possibility to meet with you on ours route and deliver the spider’s directly to yours place ;)

Below we have prepared some special DEALS only for the Hamm Show 10.09

BULKS: (Minimal order 10x of one spiece)
90x D. Diamantinesis 10e ea
200x C. Versicolor 3.5e ea
200x Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 7e ea
400x G. Pluchripes 5e ea
50x P. Victorii 12e ea
140x A. Purpurea 8e ea
60x H. Pulchripes 5e ea
300x A. Rufa 15e ea

We also have a lots of FEMALES, MALES, and RARE spiders…
The rest of the list will be publicate tomorrow ;)

Feel free to ask me any question via:
My FanPage:
What’sapp: +48 783 262 453

Best Regard’s
Yours Spider’s Empire

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