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Verkaufe Spinnen und Skorpione

Vogelspinne mit versand to EUROPE


I would like to offer you some bulks:

Avicularia purpurea FH1:

Pseudohapalopus sp Blue FH1:

Chilobrachys electric blue FH2:

My whole list:

Shipment to whole Europe possible
Best regards

Spinnen und Skorpione kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Rare spiders from POLAND to Netherlands HOUTEN - trip
Verkaufe Spinnen und Skorpione

Rare spiders from POLAND to Netherlands HOUTEN - trip


On Friday 25.02 I will travel form Poland to Houten Terraristic show (27.02) – I will be in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

Choose spiders from my list and probably I will be able to meet with you and deliver the spiders DIRECTLY TO YOU!

Also you can meet with me on Houten Terraria Show ;D

A lots of interesting and rare spiders from imports and my private breeding.

Pamphobeteus, Avicularia, Harpactira, Brachypelma, Tapinauchenius, Aphonopelma, Theraphosa, Phormictopus, Psalmopoeus, Pseudohapalopus, Ephebopus, Cyriopagopus

With BIG order discounts and free shipping.

List of available spiders below:

My facebook fanpage:

Best regards

Verkaufe Spinnen und Skorpione

Spinne von Pajakowe Imperium

Worldwide shipment
Prices in PLN
Catalog with prices in EURO/GBP in link below:

Acanthoscurria cf. theraphosoides (4-4.5BL) 350
Aphonopelma seemani (5.5-6BL) 300
Aphonopelma chalcodes "New River Rust Rump" (5,5BL) 400
Aphonopelma hentzi (4,5-5BL) 350
Avicularia metallica (2BL) 350
Avicularia metallica loc. "British Guyana" (3BL) 480
Avicularia sp. "Santa Mission Moonlight" (2,5-3BL) 500
Brachypelma albopilosum nicaragua (4-4.5BL) 120
Brachypelma auratum (7-7,5BL) 900
Brachypelma auratum (7BL-7,5BL) 999
Brachypelma auratum (6,5-7BL) 850
Brachypelma auratum (6-6,5BL) 780
Brachypelma auratum (5,5-6BL) 720
Brachypelma auratum (4,5-5BL) 580
Brachypelma auratum (3-3,5BL) 450
Brachypelma boehmei (3BL) 240
Brachypelma epicureanus (2.5-3BL) 250
Brachypelma emilia (3.5-4BL) 250
Brachypelma hamorii (3-3.5BL) 200
Brachypelma hamorii (3.5-4BL) 220
Brachypelma Smithi ex. Annitha (4.5-5BL) 800
Brachypelma Smithi ex. Annitha (4BL) 680
Bumba horrida (ex. cabocla) (3BL) 160
Chilobrachys andersoni (adult) 220
Chilobrachys blue vietnam (4.5BL) 160
Chilobrachys brevipes (adult) 240
Cyriopagopus minax "Big Black" (adult) 400
Haplocosmia himalayana (3,5BL) 150
Harpactira namaquensis (3,5-4BL) 400
Harpactira pulchripes (3.5BL) 270
Harpactirella overdijki (3BL) 300
Hysterocrates hercules (4-4,5BL) 100
Hysterocrates hercules (7BL) 220
Monocentropus balfouri (3-3,5BL) 120

For mroe chech "Catalog of spiders" - link above

Spinnen und Skorpione kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Catalog of spiders - Pajakowe Imeprium
Verkaufe Spinnen und Skorpione

Catalog of spiders - Pajakowe Imeprium


Pamphobeteus Insignis Columbien and others...

Catalog of SPIDERS:

Check Pająkowe Imperium fanpage of facebook:

Best regards!
Pająkowe Imperium

Verkaufe Spinnen und Skorpione

Pajakowe Imperium catalog of spiders

Pająkowe Imperium is HERE!

Check my new arrivals and other spiders from my breeding
Possible WORLDWIDE shipment!

Link to catalog:

Link to my fanpage:

Best regards

Spinnen und Skorpione kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Cyrtopholis sp Montana, Phormictopus sp full green
Verkaufe Spinnen und Skorpione

Cyrtopholis sp Montana, Phormictopus sp full green

0.0.100 Cyrtopholis sp Montana 1FH
0.0.70 Phormictopus sp Full green 1/2FH

Prices on poster are in PLN.
1 Euro - 4,5 PLN

Worldwide ship available :)

Spinnen und Skorpione kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Vogelspinnen mit versand to EUROPE
Verkaufe Spinnen und Skorpione

Vogelspinnen mit versand to EUROPE

Spiders with shipment to EUROPE possible :)

Buy more, pay less - Discounts on big orders -> ALWAYS!

More info PM

0.0.300 Avicularia purpurea fh 1 – 16e
0.0.100 Avicularia metallica fh 1/2 – 15e
0.0.300 Chromatopelma cyaenopubescens fh 1 – 11e
0.10.0 Chromatopelma cyaenopubescens 3-3,5 BL 40e
15.20.0 Caribena versicolor 4,2-4,5 BL : female 110e, Pair 120e
30.30.0 Chromatopelma cyaenopubescens 5 BL: female 53e, Pair 67e
5.5.0 Hysterocrates Hercules 4,5 BL: female 33e, Pair: 40e
0.0.60 Neoholotele incei 1fh – 2e
0.0.100 Phormictopus sp blue fh 1/2 – 27e
3.3.0 Poecilotheria subfusca HIGHLAND (PURE CLEAN) Pair: 90e
5.7.20 Tliltocatl epicureanus: 1,5-2 BL No-Sex - 21e, Female 3 BL - 45e, Pair 52e
0.0.100 Ybyrapora diversipes fh 1 – 13e