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Looking to swap 1.0 varanus kingorum "red form" CB20

For 0.1 varanus kingorum

I am based in UK

Thank you

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Varanus Indicus/melinus/jobiensis/rudicollis/dumerili

Wanting to buy any of these species so if you have one for sale pls contact me asap :).

Best regards//Freddy

Hello. Im looking to buy v. Indicus, v. Jobiensis, v. Rudicollis. 0.1 v. Glauerti and 0.1 v. Pilbarensis. Please contact me if you have any of these species for sale.

Best regards//Freddy

Bin auf der Suche nach:

0.x Varanus pilbarensis (sichere Weibchen)

Möglichst in Deutschland. Komme die Tiere immer persönlich abholen.

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CBB Varanus exanthematicus

Fafner x Basmu 1st clutch laid on 12 December 2020, will hatch sometime in April - May. CITES papers will come with the babies. Breeding is extremely rare in captivity. Interested buyers need to provide pictures of suitable enclosure. If you have any questions on how to take care of them, I am most easily reached on facebook.

Price: 250 euro per baby.

Offering a pair of Varanus spenceri due to moving. can export worldwide with CITES documents.

Guten Abend. Ich suche Varanus exanthematicus / Bosc Monitor oder Rüschendrache / Chlamydosaurus kingii. Möglicherweise jung oder Welpen. Ich werde alle Angebote berücksichtigen.

Good evening. I am looking for Varanus exanthematicus / Bosc Monitor or Frilled dragon / Chlamydosaurus kingii. Possibly young or puppies. I will consider all offers.
Thank you

Im in North Italy

i would like to buy a Varanus Timorensis,
send me a mail if u sell one
sex does not matter (not for breeding just as a pet)

Habe 0.0.1 Varanus exanthematicus
Wegen Bestandsreduzierung abzugeben

Suche eine Varanus acantharus Weibchen.
Bitte alles anbieten.

Grüße Stefan



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Im looking for HYPO varanus exanthematicusSuche HYPO

Im looking for HYPO varanus exanthematicus. Or other morphs.