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Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Europäische Hornotter Nachzuchten
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Europäische Hornotter Nachzuchten

Ich biete für Hamm im September, Snakeday in Houten oder zur Abholung bei mir Vipera ammodytes ammodytes „Montenegro aus einer Rot/Rot verpaarung.
Leider sind die Eltern gerade beide in der Haut, deshalb nur ein Foto der Jungtiere.

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: 1.1 Vipera aspis atra cb24 Berner Oberland +2
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1.1 Vipera aspis atra cb24 Berner Oberland

This year's own offspring. Bernese Oberland locality. Male has already eaten several times. Female not yet, but sometimes they only start eating after hibernation. That is also the reason that the female can go with the male for a lower price. I usually sell them for €150 per animal. This pair can go for €225 I only sell them as a pair. The asking price is for the couple. There is a good chance that they will become melanistic, the father is completely black and the mother is also quite dark. Only sold to 18+ Can be reserved for Hamm September or Houten snakeday after a deposit.

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Stülpnasenottern Nachzucht 2023 +2
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Stülpnasenottern Nachzucht 2023

Biete für Hamm im September, Houten im Oktober oder zur Abholung bei mir
1,2 Vipera latastei gaditana
Die Tiere sind NZ 2023 und fressen problemlos Frostfutter.

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Cb ‘24 Vipera Renardi ‘Donau Delta’ +2
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Cb ‘24 Vipera Renardi ‘Donau Delta’

Very beautiful and nosy little vipers. Eating crickets right now, in about a month or 2 they switch to mice. Born June this year, baby’s from 2 different mothers. €125 for 1, €200 for 1.1

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Daboia, Gloydius, Montivipera, Vipera +2
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Daboia, Gloydius, Montivipera, Vipera

0.1 Daboia russelii CB 2021 (Pakistan, perfect pattern)
2.2 Gloydius halys caraganus CB 2019 (Tian Shan)
2.2 Montivipera xanthina CB 2023 (Lykien, own breeding)
1.1 Vipera ammodytes CB 2020/2019 (Ada Bojana)

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Guten Tag, ich biete hier zwei schöne Tiere +1
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Guten Tag, ich biete hier zwei schöne Tiere

Guten Tag, ich biete hier zwei schöne Tiere am von 2023. Es ist ein Pärchen. Vipera ammodytes
Und bitte nur melden bei wirklichen Interesse. Vielen Dank.

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Vipera a. ammodytes cb 06/24 +2
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Vipera a. ammodytes cb 06/24

!!!venomous!!! - !!!giftig!!!

I'm offering from my own breeding:
0.0.12 Vipera ammodytes ammodytes - Price 80€ each (or nearest offer)
-->the last pictures show the parents (not for sale!)
Hatched on June 22nd 2024
perfect eaters on frozen pinkys twice a week
super variety of colors (check out the pictures)

handover at Hamm in September can be organized, prefer local pickup in germany, ZIP 04249 Leipzig

These animals are venomous, please inform yourself if you can keep them in your state!! You have to be 18 years old! If you have any questions left, please contact me.

best regards

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Different kind of snakes.

For sale:

2.3 Trimeresurus gumprechti CB 23 Well grown animals 150 € each.

2.2 Trimeresurus gumprechti CB 24 / eat by their own. 100 €

1.1 Trimeresurus gumprechti CB 19 adult proven breeder. Male with a lot of blue. Big female. 500 €.

0.0.12 Trimeresurus venustus from beautiful red/green parents. (not this ugly brown ones)
Can be sexed. 120 € each. 200 € pair.

0.1 Trimeresurus gramineus CB 22 from nice blue parents 300 €

0.0.1 (probably 0.1) Trimeresurus trigonocephalus CB 23 already big and a lot of blue 150 €

0.1 Vipera ammodytes ammodytes CB 22 Montenegro colorful orange one.

I can deliver to Hamm in September.

Hello ,
I am looking for:
1,0 Vipera dinniki (Lake Kardyvach)
1,0 Vipera kaznakovi (HOPA)

Thank You.I can exchange for my 1,0 Trimeresurus sumatranus (Sumatra).

- 1,1 Naja (Boulengerina) annulata annulata, Adult
- 1,1 Naja (Boulengerina) nana, breeding pair!
- 1,1 Bitis rhinoceros, very big animals!
- 2,0 Crotalus lepidus klauberi, Adult
- 1,0 Crotalus p. pricei, Adult
- 1,0 Crotalus cerastes cerastes, Adult
- 1,1 Crotalus vegrandis, Adult
- 1,0 Bitis rubida, Adult
- 1,1 Vipera aspis atra, Bernis Switzerland, Adult/Semiadult
- 0,2 Vipera kaznakovi, Adler, Adult
- 0,1 Agkistrodon taylori CB 03.24
- 1,2 Atheris squamigera CB 02.24
- x,x Atheris squamigera CB 06.2024, more will come soon, parents are Tigers, yellow and red!
- 1,0 Bothrops taeniata, CB 2019
All animals are in good condition and from my current collection!

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Vipera berus  -  Kreuzotter
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Vipera berus - Kreuzotter


2/0 Vipera berus - Kreuzotter
Ursprungstiere aus Schweden
Eigene Nachzucht aus 2018
Preis: pro Tier 250, zusammen 450 Euro

0.1 Naja nigricollis 3-4 years old
0.1 Crotalus tzabcan
1.1 oder 1.2 Vipera aspis atra
1.0 Vipera kaznakovi
0.1 Oxyuranus scutellatus „canni“ 3-4 years old
1.1 oder 2.2 Cerastes cerastes !
1.1 Oxyuranus microlepidotus 2-3 years old
1.0 Agkistrodon bilineatus
1.0 Bitis rhinoceros 3-4 years old
0.1 Naja arabica 3-4 years old or older
0.1 Naja haje
1.1 Echis sp.
0.1 Naja subfulva
0.1 Trimeresurus puniceus
1.1 Crotalus lepidus klauberi
1.1 Crotalus lepidus molurus
1.0 Crotalus culminatus
0.1 Naja atra
1.1 Protobothrops mucrosquamatus
0.1 Vipera aspis francisciredi
0.1 Montivipera xanthina
1.1 Montivipera raddei

X.X CB23(december)Acanthophis rugosus "merauke" CB23(december) 100€
X.X Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi 50€ each 120€ for unrelated pairs
1.0 CB1 Vipera ammodytes Scutari 100€
1.0 Naja nigricollis WC 2018 150€
1.0 CB22 Ophiophagus hannah china 450€
1.2 Bothrops asper CB2019 600€
0.1 Bothrops moojeni CB 2020 120€
1.1 proven Naja nigricincta 350€
2.0 Bitis arietans nakuru (1.0 normal, 1.0 hypomélanistic) 150€
Waiting for:
Crotalus atrox albinos & het albinos
Naja pallida
Naja annulifera
Naja Nigricincta
Crotalus a. tortugensis
Crotalus atrox abilene
Acanthophis rugosus

Ps: if you seek WC PNG animals we can help
-Cryptophys boschmai
-Pseudechis rossignoli
-Pseudonaja textilis
-Acanthophis rugosus merauke
-Acanthophis Laevis merauke

CB holesale possible
best regards

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Vipera ammodytes meridionalis albinos T+ and 100% het T+
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Vipera ammodytes meridionalis albinos T+ and 100% het T+

Magnificent Vipera ammodytes meridionalis albino T+ visual and 100% het albino T+ for Houten show in June and Hamm show in September.
There are males and females. All CB 2023. They are therefore 1 year old and are very good eaters of thawed prey.

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Aspisviper ( vipera asps. f)
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Aspisviper ( vipera asps. f)

Gebe ab 0.1 Aspisviper ( vipera asps. f) ca, 55cm
(haben sich gepaart)

Preis VB auch im Tausch

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Vipera latastei gaditana, CB23 +2
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Vipera latastei gaditana, CB23

Solid animals, eat without any problems! They hibernated from november to february.

2.4 Vipera latastei gaditana CB23 (Locality: Doñana ESP)

0.1 = CHF/€ 100.-
0.2 = CHF/€ 175.-
1.1 = CHF/€ 200.-
1.2 = CHF/€ 250.-

Only be sold to adults who have the necessary permission to keep them!

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Vipera ammodytes zu verkaufen +2
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Vipera ammodytes zu verkaufen

2.2 Vipera Ammodytes zu verkaufen 1.0 davon intensiv Rot.

2.3 NZ 2023 auch noch vorhanden.

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: 1.1 Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi +1
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1.1 Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi

Selling 1.1 cb 23Aspidelaps lubricus cowlesi.
Price for 1.1 150€

Exhange possible for vipera (ammodytes,berus...)

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: seoanei lebetina xanthina +2
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seoanei lebetina xanthina

X.X Macrovipera lebetina turanica Nura Tau cb 23: 90e
X.X Montivipera xanthina south turky cb 23: 80e
1.0 Vipera seoanei seoanei CB 21: 250e
ONLY for legal breeders/ keepers

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In search of vipera species

Looking for cb Vipera kraznakovi 6.6 and cb Vipera transcaucasiana 6.6