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Aspidites ramsayi / Woma ENZ 21

ENZ 21, sehr kontrastreich gefärbt, beide Geschlechter vorhanden. haben bereits selbstständig Frostratten gefressen. Abholung oder Versand möglich.

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: 0.1 Aspidites ramsayi NZ '19 +2
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0.1 Aspidites ramsayi NZ '19

0.1 Woma Python / Aspidites ramsayi NZ '19

250€ Bei Interesse melden

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Colubriden, boa's and pythons for sale

1.1 Aspidites ramsayi cb 2015 unrelated.
1.2 Antaresia childreni cb 2016 unrelated proven trio.
0.1 Python regius high contrast albino cb 2018.
0.1 Python regius enchi mojave het ghost cb 2020
1.1 Boa constrictor imperator Sonora CB 2019
1.1 Boa constrictor imperator hog island high orange CB 2019
1.2 Bogertophis subocularis male normal cb 2019 females blond fase cb 2019 /2020 unrelated
1.1 Pantherophis rosacea (rosy ratsnake) F1 from the Florida Keys.

I can bring animals to Bünde (Germany) the end of may

1.1 Black Headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus) -17
Bred by Reinhold Maugg 1200€
2.1 Woma Python (Aspidites Ramsayi) 1.0 -16 1.1 -17
Bred by Andy Loucas 500€
1.1 Olive Python (Liasis Olivaceus) -15 Ready to breed
(not proven) Bred by Tino Zegers 800€
The snakes are in Sweden, it might be possible to
arrange transport to one of the expos (if they are open
due to covid).
Contact: ccarlsson2@gmail.com

Hi, looking for Houten in April or hamm in March :
- 1.1 Gonyosoma frenatum "blue" CB sub adult
- Gonysoma boulengeri sub adult or adult - Thrasops
jacksonii- Drymobius margaritiferus- 0.1 Simalia nauta CB
- 1.0 Psammodynastes pulverulentus cb- 1.0 Aspidites
ramsayi CB- 0.1 Orthriophis callicyanous adult-Chrysopelia
sp- Pareas carinatus- Ouroborus cataphractus- Cordylus sp
- 0.2 Nephrurus levis levis
Send me pm