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Turtles for sale.

Due to reducing the hobby, the following turtles are for sale; some possibly trading for macrochelys temmincki

Pelusios Nanus: 3.4 proven breeders

Podocnemis unifilis: 0.2

Kinosternon acutum: 1.4 proven breeders

Kinosternon cruentatum: 1.3 sub adult

Phrynops Gibba: 1.1 proven breeders

Emydura subglobosa: 1.4 (2 young females) only as a group

rhinoclemmys pulcherrima: 1.1 proven breeders

Emys orbicularis: 1.4 en 2.2. Small and large

Graptemys: 3 young and 2 sub adult

Staurotypus triporcatus: 2.2 only as a group

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Podocnemis Unifilis / Terekay Schienenschildkröten

Gebe 2 Terekay Schienenschildkröten ab.
Männlich , Carapaxlänge ca.16,5 cm
Gesund und munter
Preis pro Tier: 150 Euro

Offering 2 Terekay Turtles
Both male, carapax length about 16.5 cm each
healthy and active
Price: 150 Euros each

Vendo dos Tortugas Terekay
Machos, carapax: 16,5 cm

Precio cada Tortuga: 150 Euros

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podocnemis unifilis 0,0,5 Cb 2018

Podocnemis unifilis 0,0,5 Cb 2018
I can take them to Houten this weekend ! ………………………………………………

Looking for: s. Leytensis, podocnemis, carettochelys, rare
turtles and tortoises , Heosemys spinosa
Ouroborus, lanthanotus, corucia