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Attention: Captive Breed is a thief

Captive Breed is managed by a citizen of United Arab Emirates, called Etienne Takilam Ndi, it is not from England like you can see from the flag. The first time, when I tried to send money to him with Western Union they said to me that this person was not authorized to get money for security reasons. The second time I sent to him money with Ria for reserving the Corucia of his advertisement and he never came to the appointment stoling to me 250 euros. His telephone number is 00971/588107773.

Echsen  kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Attention: Captive Breed is a swindler
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Attention: Captive Breed is a swindler

Attention: the advertisements made with the name Captive Breed or Nick Paul are made by swindlers that ask to you money for reserving a reptile but don’t go to the appointment and steal the amount that one sent to them. They are not English, even if you can see the British flag, but from United Arab Emirates. They stole to me 250 euros with the fake advertisement of the Corucia.
Dario Evangelisti

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Uromastyx, corucia & kleinmanni

Hamm 11/6

1.0 testudo kleinmanni 2014
1.2 uromastyx ornata adult
0.0.5 uromastyx princips 2021
0.0.1 Corucia zebrata 2022


I am looking for a pair ideally 1.1 of Varanus Glauerti and Varanus Pilbarensis.
I could be interested to exchange Corucia zebrata (young animal born in my place 2020) and/or a male Rhacodactylus leachianus henkeli.

Thank you very much

Best regards

Suche Corucia zebrata - Einzeltiere, Paare, Gruppen - nur Gualdacanal oder Malaita-Tiere!

Looking for: s. Leytensis, podocnemis, carettochelys, rare
turtles and tortoises , Heosemys spinosa
Ouroborus, lanthanotus, corucia

I am looking for :

Corucia zebrata - young LEGAL animals with CITES

\r\nI\'m looking for young Corucia.
\r\nBest regards

2,0 underwoodisaurus milii cb19
1,0 teratoscincus roborowski cb19
0,1 tarentola mauritanica
0,0,2 chondodactylus spec.Kalahari patternless/normal cb19
1,0 eublepharis fuscus cb18 (trade against 1,0 hardwickii
0,0,2 corucia zebrata
1,0 Heloderma suspectum
0,0,1 egernia striolata cb20