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clock.icon vor 2 Jahren - Madrid

1.0.5 hypsilurus magnus (cb2021 and subadult male)
0.0.17 adelophates castalneoticus cb 2021 in germany
2.2 uromastyx dispar flavifasciata (cb from c.zizka austria)
1.1 uromastyx ornata philby (cb from c.zizka)
1.1 varanus acanthurus red ackie from high red bloodlines (cb2021, Germany)
0.0.8 varanus Glauerti (cb2021, germany)
0.1 abronia Campbelli (cites and chip)registered in ifap
0.2 heloderma suspectum very black cb from Hans-Joachim schwandt
1.1 Ctnosaura alfredmitchi cb Sweden 2021
1.2 Ctnosaura defensor cb Sweden 2021
1.3 Cyclura cornuta (cb2009,2014,2014,2015, ready for breed) chip and cites
1.1 corucia zebrata, from stefano alcini, registered breeder(Italy) chipped.
1.2 Uracentron flaviceps (imported sept 2021)

From Mexico import; (all with copy of the legal import pappers)
5.5 rhinoclemmys rubida rubida (adult/subadult)
3.3 drymarchon melanurus rubidus (adult/subadult)
2.2 phrynosoma asio (adult/subadult)

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