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Corallus batesii - Corallus annulatus

1.0 Corallus batesii cb23
1.0 Corallus batesii cb20 (full stripe)
1.0 Corallus batesii cb18 (dark) ready to breed
0.0.1 Corallus annulatus cb23 grey/brown form
0.0.1 Corallus annulatus cb23 red/orange form

Serious keepers only
Trade possible : Naultinus ssp.

Looking for:

corallus batesii
corallus caninus

Pls send a picture and Price
Greetings Max

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Abronia mixteca 2,2 (1pair breading)RESERVE
Abronia martindelcampoi 2,2 (female. Gravid)
Abronia oaxacae 1,0
Exchenge Naultinus, egernia, til.rugosa, mokopirirakau, batesii,

### Perfect SKIN from a big Simalia boeleni (Boelen's python) Morelia boeleni ###
TRADE for:
Saara loricata
Chelonoidis chilensis
Psammobates tentorius verroxii
Chersobius species
Tiliqua multifasciata
Tiliqua rugosa subspecies
Tiliqua occipitalis females
Corallus batesii females
Ouroborus cataphractus Cederberg
Corucia zebrata alfredschmidti

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Corallus batesii, Pituophis, Pantherophis

1.0 Cb2010 Corallus batesii 3250

Hamm, Houten, Verona…

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Corallus Batesii NC 2017

Corallus batesii N.C 2017

Perfect male

Hamm show or french

Hallo, bin auf der Suche nach Morelia Viridis, gerne alles anbieten!

Corallus Caninus/Corallus Batesii

Am besten 1.1, aber auch einzeln.

Genaueres bitte per Mail

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CBB Corallus batesii 2.1

Nr7=female born 8 october-22, 10= male born 8 october-22, Nr3 = male born 8 october-22.
They are all born here in my facility of CBB parents.
No single females for sale.
Not cheap!

For sale:
8.6.11 corallus batesii cbb 2022 and 2023
Unrelated from 4 litters (actually 3, because the 4th needs to be born hopefuly next week). Please only serious requests and no time waisters or pic collectors
For more info: email
Whatsapp +31 (0)6 13601667
I try to answer as soon as possible, but usually i only answer 1 or 2 days
a week. And requests that come with an offer will get priority

I can not recieve email through (i can only read my send emails, not my incoming emails)

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Suche Corallus batesii 0.1

Hallo . Suche Corallus batesii 0.1 . Jungtier max. 1-3 Jahre alt . Jünger natürlich auch .
Abholung wird bevorzugt oder Hamm .

I’m looking for 1.1 corallus Batesii. Contact pm please for a quickly response. Thanks.

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Corallus batesii 1.0 CB 17

A vendre 1.0 corallus batesii N.C 2017

Me contacter pour plus de renseignements.

France , Espagne.

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Varanus prasinus male 3ans

Varan émeraude (varanus prasinus) mâle 3 ans né en captivité, mange à la pince sans problème. Animal identifié IFAP et non soumis au certificat de capacité. Ne vendras qu'à une personne sérieuse et bien renseigné sur l'espèce.2900 euros ou Possibilité d'échange contre couple morelia spilota spilota, Bothrochilus albertisii, Malayopython timoriensis, ptyas carinata ou mâle batesii, autres proposition sérieuse sur un couple de serpent arboricole.

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Searching for C batesii female - Suche für C batesii Mädchen

The right price for the right female. Preferably subadult/adult but younger could be considered too.

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SUCHE 0.1 Corallus Batesii

Suche nach einem Batesii Weibchen. Alter und Preis sind zweitrangig.

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1,1 Megacrania batesii 'Cape Tribulation'

Length 7,5 cm 300 euro
Rare species. Food is exclusively Pandanus!!!

I looking for :

0.1 corallus batesii

I’m serious and i have a male