Phoneutria Anzeigen Standard

Suche / Looking for:

Hexophthalma spp.
Latrodectus spp. (keine / except for tredecimguttatus)
Loxosceles spp. (keine / except for laeta, reclusa, simillima)
Phoneutria spp.
Sicarius spp.

Bitte nur / please only: x.x subadult; 0.0.x slings, juveniles!

Suche Spinnen und Skorpione

Looking for Phoneutria spp.

Looking for Phoneutria and Sicarius spp.
No single animals!

Spinnen und Skorpione kaufen und verkaufen Foto: 1.0.0 Phoneutria nigriventer adult +1
Suche Spinnen und Skorpione

1.0.0 Phoneutria nigriventer adult


Ich suche 1.0.0 Phoneutria nigriventer

I'm looking for 1.0.0 Phoneutria nigriventer - adult. I can bought something more if You have in offer :)


Looking for juveniles/slings
Phoneutria spp. (especially fera)
Latrodectus mactans Mexicanus
Loxosceles simillima
Heteropoda davidbowie
If you have ta least 2 of those species, send me your offer


Phoneutria fera
Phoneutria boliviensis "iquitos"