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Looking turtle for Next !!!!

Hi i am looking :
Kinixys erosa
Kinixys homeana
Chelonoidis chilensis
Pulcherrima pulcherrima

Suche 1,0 Kinixys nogueyi möglichst adult. Angebote bitte mit Bild und Preis Vorstellung. Gern auch per WhatsApp 01735934923.

Hello I'm looking for:
-0. 1 kinixys nogueyii
-0. 1 kinixys erosa

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0,2 Kinixys spekii, 1,1 G.elegans

Spekii young adult, 1,0 elegans 15 cm, 0,1 8 cm , 0.0,3 Astrochelys radiata CB 17-20, all with cites paper. ONLY EMAIL, NOT TEL PLEASE

Schildkröten  kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Kinixys nogueyi (Tanzania) +1
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Kinixys nogueyi (Tanzania)

0.0.x Kinixys nogueyi (tanzania) CB 2021
0.0.2 CB 2020

For sale or trade - listening for offers

Landschildkröten kaufen und verkaufen Foto: 1.1 Long Term Captive Kinixys Spekii
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1.1 Long Term Captive Kinixys Spekii

1.1 Sub-Adult Spekii - very well acclimatised, been in the UK with me for around five years so very little risk of problems unlike the fresh WC ones. Eat well and quite friendly.

Based in UK but can courier to Europe.

Looking for:
1.0 Phelsuma standingi

I can trade for Phelsuma laticauda, Homopholis wahbergii or Kinixys nogueyi babies. All CB.

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KINIXYS subspecies all size

I m looking for

Io wait your proposal

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Looking for some species

I am looking for: mesoclemmys nasuta, sternotherus depressus, s, leytensis, kinixys zombensis, podocnemis, notochelys, leucocephalum.
Any sex or gender

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Looking for some species

Looking for Mesoclemmys nasuta, podocnemis, kinixys

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Looking for Kinixys homeana 1.0

Looking for:
1.0 Kinixys homeana (CB or LTC preferred)
0.1 Xenagama batillifera
1.1 Holodactylus africanus
0.1 Platysaurus intermedius
1.1 Phelsuma breviceps

Possible swap for Kinixys nogueyi babies.

Landschildkröten kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Kinixys belliana nogueyi 0.0.5 +2
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Kinixys belliana nogueyi 0.0.5

For sale:
0.0.5 Kinixys belliana nogueyi (CB 2020)
Exchange possible for Testudo kleinmanni or other Kinixys species.

Glattrand-Gelenkschildkröten (Kinixys belliana nogueyi) aus
08.2020 abzugeben. Sehr agile und gut fressende Jungtiere.

Kinixys homeana, search adult male

Suche Kinixys nogueyi Mädels adult oder subadult

Kinixys zombensis Jan Haltuf

Jan Haltuf offers Kinixys zombensis in his ad. Be aware,
these Animals are NOT Kinixys zombensis but kinixys
belliana. He knows this too.

Jan Haltuf bietet in seiner anzeige zombensis an.
Beachten Sie, dass diese Tiere NICHT Kinixys zombensis
sondern Kinixys belliana sind. Er weiß das auch.

Searching X.X adult stigmochelis pardalis. Could be groupe.

I could buy or change to CB kinixys erosas.

I am waiting your offers.