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SHOW PRAHA 12.11 Avicularia, Xenesthis, RARE SPIDERS / CRESTED geckos

clock.icon vor 4 Wochen - Oława

We The Spider’s Empire come to Prague – Ziva Exotika SHOW on 12.11.2022 ;)

DOOR-TO-DOOR Delivery!
We have possibility to meet with you on ours road to Prague, or to Cracov, and deliver the spiders/geckos directly to yours house!
Road: Kudowa Zdrój → Hradec Kralove → Pardubice → Prague
Prague → Humpolec → Brno → Lipnik nad Becvou → Ostrava

We have prepared a lots of special and unique spiders and Crested Geckos!
Feel Free to ask any questions about the animals!

There is only one rule…..

0.44.0 Cyclocosmia Ricketti (Oreo Spider) 3BL 50eur
0.0.300 Xenesthis Intermedia FH1 – 45eur
0.20.0 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens ADULT 60 eur
0.30.0 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens SUBADULT 55 eur
0.10.0 Aphonopelma Mihoacan M1 ADULT 90eur
0.30.0 Caribena Versicolor SUB/ADULT 70eur
20.0.0 Caribena Versicolor ADULT 20eur
15.0.0 Caribena Versicolor SUBADULT 15eur
15.0.0 Avicularia Minatrix 2-2,5BL 50eur
0.25.0 Avicularia Minatrix 2-2,5BL 100eur
0.50.0 Avicularia Rufa ADULT 280e
0.40.0 Avicularia Rufa SUBADULT 220e
0.30.0 Avicularia Rufa 3-4BL 160e
0.40.0 Aviuclaria Auriantaca ADULT 280e
0.30.0 Avicularia Auriantaca SUBADULT 220e
0.30.0 Avicularia Auriantaca 3-4BL 160e
0.10.0 Avicularia Urticans Green ADULT 180e - SOLD
0.20.0 Avicularia Urticans Green SUBADULT 160e - SOLD
0.7.0 Avicularia Bicegoi 3-4BL 300e
18.0.0 Avicularia Bicegoi 3,5-4,5 BL 100e
0.4.0 Grammostolla Pulchra ADULT 200eur
0.10.0 Poecilotheria Metallica 3-3,5cm Body Lengh 80e
0.10.0 Poecilotheria Miranda 4cm Body Lengh 50e
0.10.0 Poecilotheria Tigrianawesseli 4cm Body Lengh 50e
0.10.0 Poecilotheria Formosa 4-5cm Body Lengh 50e
0.3.0 Poecilotheria Regalis ADULT XXL 50e
0.5.0 Harpactira Pulchripes ADULT 80eur - SOLD
0.10.0 Pamphobeteus Machalla 4,5-5BL – 60eur
2.0.0 Chilobrachys sp Electric Blue ADULT – 35eur, SUB 25eur
0.1.0 Pamphoneteus Insignis Colombia 4.5BL – 120eur
0.4.0 Acanthoscurria Theraphosoides ADULT 50eur – SOLD!
0.4.0 Avicularia Boa Vista 3-3,5BL 60eur
0.3.0 Avicularia Metallica 3-3,5BL 70eur
1.0.0 Pelinobius Muticus SUBADULT 30eur
0.0.20 Phormictopus sp Oriente 15eur
0.0.50 Avicularia Variegata – Amazonica Manaus Fh1 45eur
0.0.50 Avicularia Auriantaca – RARE! FH1 50eur
0.0.120 Avicularia Peru Purple FH1 10eur
0.0.200 Avicularia Rufa FH1 30eur
0.0.150 Avicularia Bicegoi FH1 – RARE! 45eur
0.0.100 Avicularia Merianae FH1 35eur
0.0.90 Avicularia Braunshauseni FH1 30eur
0.0.120 Avicularia Purpurea FH1 15eur
0.0.50 Ybyrapora Sooretama – RARE! FH1 40eur
0.0.200 Caribena Versicolor FH1 7eur
0.0.100 Avicularia Urticans Green FH1 30eur
0.0.100 Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens FH1 10eur
0.0.50 Phormingochilus Arboricola Fh1 6eur
0.25.0 Thixopelma Ockerti FH1 15eur
0.4.0 Therpahosa Apophysis Fh3 70eur
0.0.60 Theraphosa Blondi FH1 (REAL NOSEX) - 40eur
0.5.0 Pamphobeteus Antinous Big Black ADULT (We have some males sub/adult) 120eur
0.5.0 Pamphobeteus Petersi ADULT (We have some males sub/adult) 130eur
And much much more that are not on the list...

Crested Geckos, Pagekon řasnatý, C. Ciliatus
Morphs: (Flame/Tiger/Tricolor/Harlequin/Pinstripe)
0.0.X Crested gecko babies from 3 to 5 grams (From 50eur to 200eur)
0.X.0 Crested gecko females from 10 to 25 grams (From 150eur to 800eur)
X.0.0 Crested gecko males from 10 to 30 grams – Super Dalmatian/Tricolor/Red with portholes/Extreme HQ (From 100eur to 400eur)

Lilly White: (Price from 150eur to 1200eur)
0.0.X Crested Gecko Lilly White from 3 to 5 grams Lilly White and Red Lilly White
0.X Crested Gecko Lilly White from 10 to 20 grams,

Feel Free to ask any questions about the Geckos and spiders :)
And lets meet on the SHOW!

Best Regards
Spider’s Empire

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