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Latrodectus and Phidippus

clock.icon 6 months ago - Racibórz

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Latrodectus menavodi 1fh 10/30/100x
Latrodectus menavodi female 4/5FH 1-5-10x
Latroectus menavodi sub or adult male
Latrodectus elegans 1fh 10/30/100x
Latrodectus elegans female semi/sub adult 1-5-10x
Latrodectus geometricus 1fh 10-30x
Latrodectus geometricus female 4/5fh 1-5-10x
Latrodectus obscurior female 4/5fh 1-5-10x
Latrodectus pallidus 1FH 5-10-50x
Latrodectus cintus (sahara) female 4FH 1-5-10x

Phidippus regius bahama 4FH 1-5-10-30x
Phidippus regius soroa female 5FH 1-5x
Phidippus regius Sierra de Bahoruco 4FH female 1-5x

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