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Lizards kaufen und verkaufen Photo: E.epsisolus & N.wheeleri & S.wellingtonae +2
Sell Lizards

E.epsisolus & N.wheeleri & S.wellingtonae

I offer for hamm december or pickup:
0.1 Egernia epsisolus cb may 2023
1.2 Nephrurus wheeleri (not cinctus) cb 2023.
0.0.6 Strophurus wellingtonae cb 2023

Hi, im looking to purchase a Gigantometrus swammerdami, preferably non adult female, shipped within the Europe union

Skinks kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Tiliqua Scincoides Intermedia +2
Sell Skinks

Tiliqua Scincoides Intermedia

Swedish line.
Very nice coloration changing to nice orange each shed.
0.0.7 (7/2023).

Sell Turtles and Tortoises


For Verona
0.0.4 Sacalia bealei 1100 all
0.0.5 Mauremys mutica kami 120 all
0.0.3 Mauremys mutica Vietnam form 75 all
0.0.3 Cuora flavomarginata 200 all
0.0.8 Pelodiscus sinensis Albino 240 all

Pythons kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Blood python, Antaresia, brong +2
Sell Pythons

Blood python, Antaresia, brong

For snake day Houten / all proven breeder, between 5-7 years old

Python brongersmai :
0.1 matrix -
0.1 Ivory -
0.1 albinos t+ cherry bomb golden eyes -
1.0 Ivory stripe
1.0 albinos t+

0.1 Antaresia childreni
0.1 Antaresia stimsoni

See you

Snakes kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Morelia spilota mcdowelli +2
Sell Snakes

Morelia spilota mcdowelli

CB 23 Morelia spilota mcdowelli - Pure coastal carpet pythons

9.2.0 Caramel
5.5.0 Wildtype

Wholesale possible

Hamm - Houten - Verona - Prague

Snakes kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Pituophis, carinata, lampropeltis Orthriophis +2
Sell Snakes

Pituophis, carinata, lampropeltis Orthriophis


1.1 Pituophis sayi
1.1 Pituophis sayi hypo stillwater
1.1 Pituophis affinis Het albinos
1.1 Pituophis affinis ghost -
1.1 Pituophis red Kingsville -


1.1 Elaphe carinata albinos


1.1 Ô. tae tae albinos t-
1.1 O Tae Tae albinos t+ calico -
1.0 Ô. Tae friesei
1.2 tae grabowski Bornéo-

1.3 Elaphe climacophora

2.1 Lampropeltis thayeri
1.1 alterna
1.5 campbelli

All animals proven breeder between 5-7 years old.
We stop to work with this specie.

Only for real buyer.

Spiders and Scorpions kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Phidippus regius "white bahamas " FH2
Sell Spiders and Scorpions

Phidippus regius "white bahamas " FH2

Verkaufe hier eigene Nachzuchten der Springspinne Phidippus regius "white bahamas " in FH2. Auf dem Bild ist das Muttertier zu sehen.
Bei Interesse einfach melden
Versand oder Abholung möglich.

2,2 Pachydactulus rangei
1,2 Underwoodisaurus milii
1,2 Eublepharis angramainyu

Boas kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Stöckl-bred, pure Crawl Cay Dwarf Boa Imperator +1
Sell Boas

Stöckl-bred, pure Crawl Cay Dwarf Boa Imperator

I offer an adult/subadult pair of pure-bred , anerythristic CrawlCay Dwarf Boas (Boa imperator). GusRentfro/VinRusso Line.

They were both bred by H. Stöckl. (CB21/CB19).

Beautiful, True Dwarf Boas.

Located in Hannover, Shipping is possible within Germany. Hamm might be possible in December.

Hello ,
I am looking for:
X,X Vipera kaznakovi
X,X Vipera dinniki


I am searching for a female blue tegu young or adult. Message me +35679360132 or email fantasyreptilesmalta@gmail.com

Venomous snakes kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Atheris squamigera CB 2023 +1
Sell Venomous snakes

Atheris squamigera CB 2023

For sale:
1,1 Atheris squamigera CB 5/2023
Mother orange,father black.
Selling only together,perfect feeders.
500€ for the pair.

Venomous snakes kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Trimeresurus flavomaculatus CB 2023 +2
Sell Venomous snakes

Trimeresurus flavomaculatus CB 2023

For sale:
2,1 Trimeresurus flavomaculatus CB 2023

Feeding perfectly, beautiful tigers with strong tiger genes.
700€ /pair
900€ /the whole trio
350€ /single male


Chamaeleons kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Pantherchamäleon „Nosy Faly“- Mixe
Sell Chamaeleons

Pantherchamäleon „Nosy Faly“- Mixe

Hups… da ist wohl was schief gelaufen.
Eigentlich sollten meine Geschwister und ich von der Lokalform „Nosy Faly“ sein, aber irgendwo in unseren Vorfahren war doch irgend etwas anderes drin.
Trotzdem sind wir wunderschön!

Näheres per PN

Tortoises kaufen und verkaufen Photo: 0.0.3 Testudo kleinmanni CB 2022 for VERONA REPTILES 01.10.2023 +2
Sell Tortoises

0.0.3 Testudo kleinmanni CB 2022 for VERONA REPTILES 01.10.2023

I am selling 3 Testudo kleinmanni born in 2022 upon reservation only. Affordable price if you take all 3 specimen. Delivery to the Verona Reptiles fair (Italy) on 01.10.2023.
For information, contact me privately.
Don't waste my time, thanks

Geckos kaufen und verkaufen Photo: I'm looking 1.2 Microgecko persicus
Search Geckos

I'm looking 1.2 Microgecko persicus

I'm looking for 1.2 Tropiocolotes persicus euphorbiacola.

Snakes kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Morelia viridis 1.2. gruppe verkauf +2
Sell Snakes

Morelia viridis 1.2. gruppe verkauf

Ich habe eine Gruppe Morelia viridis 1.2 zum Verkauf. 1,0 Cyclop/Biak 2019, 0,1 Aru 2016, 0,1 Aru Blue 2016. Ich werde für 2000 € + Vereinbarung verkaufen oder gegen andere Schlangen von angemessenem Wert eintauschen.

Spiders and Scorpions kaufen und verkaufen Photo: Looking for scorpions for collection
Search Spiders and Scorpions

Looking for scorpions for collection

Search for dry Scorpions to buy for my dryed Scorpions collection
I looking especially for North American and Australian species
Also i search for amblypygi uropogy and other small arachnids

Sell - bird spiders

Bulk offer 10-50-100 pcs

For sale:

0.0.50. B. hamorii 4-5 moults 300€
0.0.100. C. versicolor 1 moult 340€
0.0.100. C. fimbriatus 1 moult 280€
0.0.100. C. cyaneopubescens 1 moult 520€
0.0.10. C. albostriatus 3 moults 120€
0.0.10. D. pentaloris ~5 moults 65€
0.0.100. H. maculata 1 moult 170€
0.0.10. I. mira 2 moults 70€
0.0.50. P. sp. rufus 1 moult 200€
0.0.100. P. pulcher 1 moult 350€
0.0.20. P. victori 2 moults 280€
0.0.50. P. murinus DCF Kigoma 1 moult 180€
0.0.100. P. sazimai 1 cm body 320€

Shipping in EU