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Geoemyda spengleri, Ctenosaura, Iguana iguana for Hamm

clock.icon 2 years ago - Hamm


0.2 Geoemyda spengleri adult cb breeders (again available due to cancelled reservation)

1.0 Ctenosaura conspicuosa adult
1.0 Ctenosaura pectinata blue adult
1.2 Ctenosaura palearis subadult

0.0.2 Iguana iguana red snow cb22
0.0.3 Iguana iguana Double albino cb22
0.0.2 Iguana iguana Thanos cb22
0.0.2 Iguana iguana Rachan/Platinum cb22
0.0.2 Iguana iguana White snow (platinum albino) cb22

Animals can be brought to Hamm and Houten shows after a deposit. No exceptions.

For partial trade I am interested in Sauromalus, Dipsosaurus, Podarcis pityusensis ssp, Gallotia, Egernia, Varanus salvadorii, varius, prasinus complex

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