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For Hamm/Pragha/Verona/Budapeszt/Weinstadt

clock.icon 7 months ago - Racibórz

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Acantoscuria geniculata 2FH 10/30/100x
Acanotscuria geniculata 4/5FH 10szt/30x
Avicularia purpurea 1/2FH 5/10/30x
Avicularia juruensis M2(ex.Peru purple) 1/2FH 5/10x
Avicularia pucallpa 1/2FH 5/10x
Amazonius germani 2fh (ex.Pseudoclamis gigas) 10/30/100x
Bumba horrida 2FH 10/30x
Cyriocosmus elegans 2fFH 10/30/100x
Cyriocosmus perezmilesi 1FH 10x
Ceratogyrus darlingi 1/2FH 10/30/100x
Ceratugyrus sander 1FH 10/30x
Cyriopagopus sp. Hati hati 1FH 10/30/50x
Chilobrachys sp. Blue vietnam 2FH 10/30x
Chilobrachys sp. Electric Blue 1FH 10/30x
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens 1FH 10/30/100x
Encyocratella olivacea 1FH 10x
Grammostola acteaon 2FH 5/10x
Heteroscodra maculata 2FH 10/30/100x
Hysterocrates gigas 1FH 10/30/100x
Harpactira pulchripes 1FH 10x
Harpactira namaquensis 2FH 10x
Harpactira marksi 1FH 10x
Hapalopus formosus 1FH /10/30x
Kochiana brunnipes 3/4FH 10x
Lasiocyano (ex. Pterinopelma) sazimai 1FH 10/30/100x
Lasiocyano (ex. Pterinopelma) sazimai 4/5FH 10/30x
Larynognathus gianisopatoni 1FH 10/30x
Lasiodora parachybana 2FH 10/30x
Nhnandu chromatus 1fh 10/30/100x
Nhnadu tripepi 2FH 10/30/100x
Neoholothele incei classic 1FH 10/30/100x
Neoholothele incei gold 1FH 10/30x
Monocentropus balfouri 3FH 10/30x
Omythymus violaceopes 1FH 10/30x
Omythymus schioedtei 1FH 10/30x
Orphnaecus philippinus 1FH 10x
Ornithoctonus auerotibialis 2FH 10x
Phormingohilus arboricola(ex L.borneo black) 1FH 10/30x
Poecilotheria metallica 1/2FH 10/30x
Poecilotheria striata 1/2FH 10x
Psalmopoeus irminia 2FH 10/30/100x
Psalmopoeus pulcher 1FH 10/30/100x
Psalmopoeus reduncus 1FH 10/30x
Psalmopoeus cambridgei 1FH 10/30/100x
Psalmopoeus victori 1fh 10x
Psalmopoeus ecclesiasticus 2/3FH 10x
Pterinochilus chordatus 2FH 10szt
Pterinochilus murinus usambara 1FH 10/30/100x
Pterinochilus murinus dcf MIKUMI 1FH 10/30x
Pterinochilus murinus dcf KIGOMA 2/3FH 10x
Phormictopus cancerides 1FH 10x
Phormictopus auratus 1FH 10/30x
Tapinauchenius plumipes (ex. violaceus) 2/3FH 10/30x
Tapinauchenius sanctivincenti 1fh 10/30x
Tapinauchenius rasti 2FH 10x
Thrigmopoeus truclentus 1FH- 10/30x
Typhochlaena seladonia 1FH 5/10x

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