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ZIVA EXOTIKA ins Top Hotel Prag / Tschechische Republik 16.12.

clock.icon vor 7 Monaten - Prague

Visit the most famous international event around exotic animals and plants in the Czech Republic!
At ZIVA EXOTIKA you will find many animals, plants and supplies for breeding and growing. Come next time and enjoy meeting the largest community of people interested in exotic animals. This and much more at the Ziva Exotika event!

Lots of animals, plants and supplies for breeders
On more than 660 tables you will find common and exotic animals and plants, as well as breeding supplies.

Various experts in one place
Among the vendors you will also find real experts and you can talk with them, and share knowledge and experience.

Professional veterinary counseling
At each event we have two veterinarians who will answer your questions and check your animals free of charge.

Excellent food stall right in the pavilion
Hot dishes, cakes and drinks for visitors and exhibitors.
We’re sure you’ll enjoy it!

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