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We are the largest wholesaler of climbing PREMIUM

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We are the largest wholesaler of climbing pets in China.
Look for long-term stable suppliers or breeders to
establish cooperation with our family. Our purchase
quantity is very large, and the price is reasonable. We
usually purchase all of them, including the production
quantity that can be agreed for you in one year. If you can
provide transportation to Hong Kong or the Netherlands.
Please email me.
The following are the varieties we need to purchase
(Northern Blue-tongued Skink)(Eastern Blue-tongued
(Western Blue-tongued Skink)(Central Blue-tongued
(Blotched Blue-tongued Skink)(Shingleback)
Dramarchon melanurus melanurus 1.1
Drymarchon corais 2.2 /Drymarchon couperi 2.2
Dramarchon melanurus rubidus 2.2
Rhacodactylus ciliatus 500
Rhacodactylus auriculatus 150
Nephrurus levis levis 50// Tarentola 50
Pristurus carteri 50
Rhacodactylus leachianus 50 Hydrosaurus pustulatus
50 Chlamydosaurus kingii 50
Crotaphytus collaris 100
Lacerta lepida 200// Basilicus plumifrons 200
Egernia depressa10 //Phrynosoma coronatum Blainvile 50
physignathus lesueuri 200// Lampropeltis 100
Lampropeltis triangulum 100 Pantherophis guttatus 200

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