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Literatur kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Several rare books for sale +1
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Several rare books for sale

For sale :
- A guide to australian lizards in captivity - Danny Brown - 500e
- Carpet pythons Morelia spp - Marc Mense - 50e
- Old world rat snake - Klaus-Dieter Schulz - 100e
- Snakes of the world : A catalogue of living and extinct species - Van Wallach - paperback edition - 50e
In France, add shipping.

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Morelia viridis / nephrurus +2
Verkaufe Schlangen

Morelia viridis / nephrurus

For sale in France (maybe for hamm December):
1.1 Morelia viridis Manokwari adult male WC2017 female CB2017. First time together this year, no breeding but some locks. Small kink on female tail. 1500€/ pair
0.2 Nephrurus cinctus adult 400€ both

Echsen  kaufen und verkaufen Foto: O.cataphractus, R.leachianus. U.sikorae +2
Suche Echsen

O.cataphractus, R.leachianus. U.sikorae


Looking for
1.0 Ouroborous cataphractus
1.0 Rhacodactylus leachianus nuu ana
1.0 Uroplatus sikorae
Only cb animals with correct paperwork.
Pictures of my females not for sale.
Best regards