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Various Orthoptera species for sale

I am offering for sale a few species of Orthoptera insects:

Stilpnochlora couloniana

Sub-imagines pair - 18 Euro

10 x Sub-imagines insects - 60 Euro

L2-L4 nymph - 4 Euro

10 x L2-L4 - 30 Euro

Phyllomimus sp.

Adult imago pair - 18 Euro

10 x Imago / sub-imago - 70 Euro

L2-L4 nymph - 5 Euro

10 x L2-L4 nymph - 40 Euro

Homoeogryllus xanthographus

Mixed pack 20 specimens - 25 Euro

If You are interested, do not hesitate to ask me about further price cuttings, special offers etc.

Shipment across EU is possible and the price of shipment is dependant on country destination.