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I sell a 8 month old 0.0.1 Redhead.
Contact me for more informations.
Quick answer on FB

I am now looking for some new frogs. I really love escudo koi but I am open to some other frogs.

Waiting for your messages

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Looking for frogs in Strasbourg

On february 2nd, i Go to Strasbourg to get some frogs.
I am looking for frogs, if you can bring some to Strasbourg, i will pay the transport.

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Searching frogs for Hamm 10/06

Hi, for next Hamm 10/06, I'm looking for :

0.0.3 Ameerega Silverstonei
1.0 Adelphobates Castaneoticus
0.1 Oophaga Pumilio Charco la pava
1.0.4 Dendrobates Leucomelas
x.x.x Ranitomeya Fantastica Caynarachi

And if you have other frogs, that can interest me. Feel free to message me.