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Beautiful terrarium in a teak cabinet.

Beautiful teak cabinet which has been converted into a terrarium.
Target price is €750,- , but i am open for serious offers.

The total cabinet size is:
205 cm high, 143 cm wide and 61 cm deep.
The terrarium part is:
160 cm high, 130 cm wide and 55 cm deep.

The cabinet is equipped with:
-2x HD UV lamp with ballast 70W (top)
-1x heat lamp 150w (bottom)
-1x heating stone
-1x Fogger (blows cold mist into 3 places at the top of the terrarium)
-Mechanical ventilation by means of 4x computer fan on top of the case.
-1x humidistat Lucky Reptile Humidity Control II, switches the fogger.
-1x thermostat Lucky Reptile Thermo Control (switches, among other things, the mechanical ventilation)

- Rock-look wall made of Waterproof XPS plate with glass fabric covered with a waterproof mortar.
- Sliding doors in counter rail system made of anodized aluminum with lock at the front.
- Viewed from the front, the right wall is double glazing.
- Various lianas, branches and fake plants.

A Varanus Similis (spotted tree monitor) was kept in the terrarium.

Only the top frame at the left side of the cabinet has minor damage. otherwise the cabinet is in top condition.
Pick up in Alphen aan den Rijn, ( Netherlands).

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1.0.0. Varanus similis for sale

For sale: 1.0.0 varanus similis.
With cites-papers, price €350
Only pick-ups, i will not send.
Alphen aan den rijn, Netherlands