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Morelia viridis yellow 0.0.1

Hello. I’ve got baby Morelia viridis for sale. It was born at mine breeding at the beginning of the April.
The pairing was
Father sorong HY x biak HY X wamena
Mother pure Manokwari
Price is 850€ Handover hamm 10.06

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Morelia Viridis Aru male


Morelia viridis aru 1.0

WC 2014

Nido test

Eat and shed perfectly

Delivery to hamm in june


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I warn you !!! Nicolas Hussard Nidovurus!!!

This is a warning about Nicolas Hussard, everyone should think twice to buy from him. I’ve bought two snakes from him – Morelia viridis. He said that they come from breeding and not from the wild and also that he has them for a long time. When I took them for general checkup to the vet it turned out that they have a lot of parasites, that often show up in snakes directly from the wild (such as Moaciria chondropythonis; Heterakidae; Spinicaudainae; Kalicephalus spp flagellata). It also had NIDO virus which is really dangerous snakes and can potentially even kill them, it is also easily contracted to other snakes. In the emails he said that he told me he had not tested the animals and that I took them at my own risk and if I don’t like the snakes with NIDO, I can sell them to people that don’t have other boids. He also added that NIDO is like COVID, it comes and goes, but he forgot about the fact that it is lethal to some. In the same email he also claimed that the NIDO virus is a new thing to him and no one has heard about it, which is hypocratic as he told me the animals will live and be fine, so how can he know then if he hasn’t heard about NIDO? The other concerning fact is that if the animals had been in his care for a long time, that means potentially all of his animals have the same bacteria and viruses and are not safe for anyone that have reptiles. I have all the emails and can show to anybody interested, especially that Nicolas is not taking any responsibility about animals the second they go to somebody else. I also have all the tests that I can show to everyone.

I will buy adult snakes:
Apadora papuana - male
Reticulated python Madu, Kaloatoa - female
Morelia viridis sorong - male
Oreocryptophis porphyraceus - pair

Hello, i am looking for Morelia viridis sorong high blue. Please send me offers thank you.

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Morelia viridis Manokwari femelle

Disponible en région parisienne ou possible à Hamm en Mars :
Morelia viridis Manokwari femelle WC juvénile en 2016
Pucée et enregistré à l'I-FAP
Vérification vétérinaire il y a un mois (coprologie) RAS

Looking for Hamm or otherwise :

Incilius alvarius
1.1 or juvenile
Morelia Viridis

Looking for lacerata viridis female

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Baumpython Bock Morelia Viridis

Baumpython Morelia Viridis Bock ENZ von 2018 abzugeben. Bilder stelle ich die Tage noch rein, oder per Mail bei Interesse.

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Morelia Viridis Wamena Yellow Spot X High Yellow Sorong

NZ 02.01.2020

0.0.1 (Probably 0.1)

Price: 1200€

Eats adult mice frozen/thawed

Pythons kaufen und verkaufen Foto: MORELIA VIRIDIS 0.1.0 Aru/Sorong
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MORELIA VIRIDIS 0.1.0 Aru/Sorong

Morelia VIridis 0.1.0 - Aru/Sorong Female 7Y old.

Looking for Hamm in december
Eugongylus, adult female cyclodomorphus gerrardii and adult female morelia viridis Aru

Mooie FurciferViridis te koop (of vrouw gevraagd binnen Nederland)
Man, goede gezondheid. Alle vitaminen en mineralen gehad UV e.d. Mooi diertje

Suche Dendroaspis jamesoni jamesoni, Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae und noch 2 kleinere Weibchen Dendroaspis polylepis ( würde auch noch gelbe oder blaue D. viridis Einzeltiere oder Paare kaufen )

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Morelia viridis Jayapura 1,1

Breeding pair - female CB 2014 (two clutches, sale with male only), male CB 2017

Looking for Verona show:
Ciclura cornuta
Ctenosaura similis
Varanus prasinus
Varanus beccari
Varanus glauerti
Varanus salvator
Litoria careulea blue
Litoria careulea snowflakes
Agalychnis callydrias
Dendrobates azureus
Pyxichepalus adpersus
Lepydodactylus lugubris
R.Ciliatus female
Morelia viridis
Corallus hortulanus
E.Taeniura blue beaty
Interagama lesseuri
Pelodiscus sinensis albinas
Xenagama taylori
Sauromalus obesus
Coruzia zebrata
Gastropholis prasina
Clamydosaurios kingii adult
Salvator merianae
Salvator rufescens

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Morelia viridis Jayapura - males

4,0 CB 2017-18 (own breeding), problem-free animals - healthy, eating, price 420-540 Eur

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Morelia Viridis abzugeben

Gebe 2 Morelia Viridis ab 4 Jahre alt mit Terrarium günstig 01722619869

Ik zoek furcifer lateralis koppels of vrouwen. Zoek ook nog een vrouw viridis.

Pythons kaufen und verkaufen Foto: 1.0 Morelia viridis Jayapura
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1.0 Morelia viridis Jayapura

Possibly selling my M. viridis jayapura male.
Can be delivered at Hamm september 10th.
Import Petr Mendl 2019 - Very clean specimen.
Nido and parasite free.

Trades only with pure locality Morelia viridis.
Lanzo Herp terrarium/cage available too - With light and heatpanel. 50x50x60cm.

Contact by;