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Nattern ungiftige  kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Westafrikanische Eierschlange / Gans’ Egg Eater
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Westafrikanische Eierschlange / Gans’ Egg Eater

1.1 Dasypeltis gansi - adult
[fressen Wachteleier / eating quail eggs]

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looking for several snakes

Looking for:
Euprepiophis mandarinus
Elaphe quadrivirgata (normal / atra)
Lystrophis dorbignyi
Diadophis punctatus
Dasypeltis sp.
Coluber constrictor foxii
Coluber constrictor anthicus
Dipsas sp.

Unfortunately African snakes are hard to come by in europe. does anyone have any of the following? I am interested in females, males and pairs. If you have any of these please send me an email with your price and images of the animals.

1.1 Crotaphopeltis hotamboeia
1.1 Lamprophis aurora
1.1 Telescopus semiannulatus
1.1 Limaformosa capensis
1.1 Dasypeltis medici or scabra
1.1 Lamprophis fiskii

Looking for:

Dasypeltis Fasciata

Dasypeltis Atra (black)

Dasypeltis Gansi (red)

For delivery to the UK.

I'm looking for:
1,0 Dasypeltis scabra CB 19/20/21
1,1 Psammodynastes pulverulentus
1,0 Elaphe davidi CB 21

I'm looking for egg eaters Dasypeltis medici. Are they still in the hobby?

Ich bin auf der Suche nach Eier-fressende Schlangen. Ich bin in Maastricht aber kann mobil in der Umgebung. Nur CB bitte.

Echsen  kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Reptiles in stock for pick up and shipping +2
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Reptiles in stock for pick up and shipping

For pick up in our facilities in Schwelm and Utrecht or shipping within Germany

Cophoscincopus simulans
Gerrhosaurus flavigularis
Tropidophurus baconi
Salvator rufescens
Salvator merinae
Gonocephalus grandis
Ptychozoon kuhli
Agama agama
Dasypeltis scabra
Rhamphiophis oxyrhynchus
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus

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Suche : 1,1 Dasypeltis gansii, Dasypeltis arta oder Dasypeltis scabra. Auch Jungtiere anbieten.

I'm looking for :
1.1 Dasypeltis atra red or black.

I'm from France and I can travel.

For hamm, egg eater snake
10.x.x Dasypeltis gansi cb 2020 very Nice animals 50 eur
each , 90 eur pair

1,1 Python reticulatus wildtype or albino
1.1 Dasypeltis atra

-courier needed-

Looking for 1.0 Dasypeltis Medici

Looking for 0.0.1 Dasypeltis atra red / rot (Tiefland color)

1.1 Dasypeltis Atra Black (any age)
1.0 Dasypeltis Atra Red (any age)
Can pick up in HAMM or make arrangements for shipping
if not ready till later on. I'm ok with captive born and wild
caught. Contact me at Janna.WS@yahoo.com