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Different pit vipers!

Looking for:

1.1 Trimeresurus insularis green with the typical brown eyes
1.1 Trimeresurus honsonensis
1.1 Popeia popeiorum
1.1 Popeia nebularis
x.x Bothriechis schlegelii all color but prefer red ones for my breeding group.
x.x Atheris squamigera black

All interesting kind of other pit vipers, please offer what you have.

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2.2 Bothriechis schlegelii ENZ21

Futterfeste und fitte 2.2 Bothriechis schlegelii ENZ21 abzugeben

Suche ein Weibchen und das am liebsten in der Farbe Gelb
Ab 2019

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Trimeresurus insularis /Crotalus pyrrhus

For sale:
3.4 Trimeresurus insularis (blue,red eyes) CB06/21

2.2 Crotalus pyrrhus "Yuma county" CB 09/21

1.0 Atheris squamiger Cb 19 (green/blueish)
1.0 Atheris squamiger Cb 19 (green/blueish/black spots)

All are strong and perfect feeders

Trade/partial trade possible with:
Bothriechis lateralis,some Trimeresurus sp,Phrynonax poecilonotus,Protobothrops tokarensis,Gonyosoma janseni.

im looking for :

1.1 crotalus cerastes nc 2020 or 2021
1.1 tropidolaemus wagleri nc 2020 or 2021
1.1 bitis peringueyi nc 2020 or 2021
1.1 bitis parviocula nc 2020 or 2021
1.1 bothriechis schlegelii nc 2020 or 2021
1.1 acanthophis Antarticus or wellsi 2020 or 2021
1.1 all Atheris (squamigera, nitschei, chlorechis, hispida, ceratophora

Regards Thomas

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Lachesis melanocephala,Bitis rhinoceros and bothriechis schlegelii +2
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Lachesis melanocephala,Bitis rhinoceros and bothriechis schlegelii

Avalible for houten 12/05

1.1 bitis rhinoceros CB 2018
1.1 bothriechis schlegelii CB2018
1.3 rhageris moliensis CB2021
1.0.0 corallus hortulanus CB2021
0.1 psammophis sibilans WC sub adult

Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Bothriechis schlegelii           +1
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Bothriechis schlegelii

I am looking for:

x.x Bothriechis schlegelii red color. All ages.

Maybe also other colors. Send me your offer.

1.0 Morelia viridis sub-/adult

Pic for attention.

1.0 Naja Kaouthia Leucistik
1.1 Naja Naja NZ 2020/2021
1.0 Bitis Nasicornis
1.1 trimeresurus purpureomaculatus
1.1 Bothriechis Schlegeli

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Bothriechis aurifer Cb2020,2021 +2
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Bothriechis aurifer Cb2020,2021

For Houten, Hamm or delivery
2.2 Bothriechis aurifer Cb2020,2021
Feeding on thawed baby mice.
Not cheap, no timewasters please.

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Research all venomous snake

I research

Trimeresurus trigonocephalus 1.1
Trimeresurus insularis 1.1
Trimeresurus albolabris 1.1

Naja level 1.1
Naja siamensis 1.1

Bitis arietans 1.1
Bitis gabonica 1.1

Crotalus cerberus 1.1
Crotalus molosus 1.1

Bothriechis schlegelii 1.1
Atheris squamigera 1.1

Paleosuchus palpebrosus 1.1
Ahaetulla all species xx. Xx


Giftschlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: SEARCH 0.1 Bothriechis schlegelii
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SEARCH 0.1 Bothriechis schlegelii

In search of female 0.1 B schlegelii, shipped to UK via courier. Any colour form one year and older.

I am offering a breeding group Bothriechis schlegelli
0 1 yellow CB14, 0.1 light green/pink stripes CB18
1.0 green CB14, 1.0 reddish CB17
0.0.1 green CB19
Not selling the reddish male alone!
For further informations:


Buyers for the whole group prefered

X.X Atheris squamigera CB colorful all ages ... 0.X Bothriechis schlegelii subadult/adult ... 1.1 Parias flavomaculatus CB or LTC subadult/adult ... 1.1 Protobothrops jerdonii xanthomelas CB or LTC ... 1.1 Trimeresurus insularis Wetar or Blue subadult/adult ... 0.1 Tropidolaemus subannulatus Negros subadult/adult ... 1.1 Tropidolaemus spec. CB or LTC

Suche / search:

Tropidolaemus wagleri
Tropidolaemus subannulatus
Bothriechis schlegelii
Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus

2.0 Bothriechis schlegelii male reddish CBB18/CB19
1.0 Bothriechis schlegelii male green CBB19
x.x Atheris squamigera CBB19/20 green,yellow,darker ones
All squamigeras are produced by a "Tiger" or a genetic Tiger female and a black male. There are NO Tigers for sale.
For more infos contact me under forum(at)
or in FB Tin Vau / Insta
Pickup in switzerland or handover in Hamm 11.9.20
i dont do 700 pictures in any angle...just to let you know :)

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: 1.1 simalia amethistina merauke cb.male 1.8 meters +2
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1.1 simalia amethistina merauke cb.male 1.8 meters

1.1 simalia amethistina merauke cb.
male 1.8 meters female 2.6 meters.680euro

can trade with atheris,trimeresurus,boiga,bothriechis,bitis speciies

Naja siamensis CB 19/20
Naja samarensis CB 19/20
Bothriechis schlegelii CB 19/20

Suche Bothriechis schlegelii

Suche für Hamm 14th of March 2020

0.1 Trimeresurus venustus
0.1 Calloselasma rhodostoma (adult or subadult)
0.1 Protobothrops jerdonii jerdonii
1.1 Protobothrops jerdonii xanthomelas (pref. pair)
0.1 Protobothrops cornutus
0.1 Protobothrops elegans
1.0 Bothriechis schlegelii

Suche im bayrischen Raum NZ Tiere Trimereserus
Trigonocephalus und Bothriechis Schlegelii. Bitte nur Umfeld
von München (150km).