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Cb 2018 Aldabra tortoises


0.0.2 (1.1?) Aldabrachelys gigantea cb 2018

Endoscopy possible

Very nice and active animals, approx 10kg 35cm.

I'll increase my group of aldabra to build an bigger enclousure.

9500€ for the 2 together
Or good offer

Please contact by whattsapp + 496 35 49 79

Looking for notochelys, platysternon, cicloderma, leytensis and rare turtles and tortoises

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Searching some specimens of turtles

Heosemys spinosa, platysternon baby, malayemys, elusor, rare turtles and tortoises

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Looking for turtles and tortoises

Hello, I'm looking for:
- Emydura subglobosa adult pair or trio
- Chelodina longicollis adult female

I am looking for:
Clemmys guttata any size
Chrysemys picta dorsalis any size

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Chelonoidis carbonaria CB21 Hamm

I can transport to Hamm
0.0.5 Chelonoidis carbonaria Red-footed tortoise CB21

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2.2 Astrochelys Radiata 38-42cm( 7-11kg)
0.0.5 Astrochelys Radiata cb 2022
0.0.15 Aldabrachelys gigantea 2021
0.1 Aldabrachelys Gigantea 58cm( 42kg)
1.0 Aldabrachelys Gigantea 37cm( 11kg)
0.0.4 Aldabrachelys Gigantea 22-30cm (3-5kg)
0.0.7 Stigmochelys Pardalis Pardalis 7-13cm(70-500g)
0.0.12 Macrochelys Temminckii 10-13cm
2.8 Testudo Hermanni Boettgeri 8-9cm
1.1 Testudo Hermanni Boettgeri 20-22cm
0.3 Astrochelys Radiata 16-20cm( 1,3-2kg) endoscopia
All invoice, cites and chip. More information photos and videos on instagram@ejemplaresdetortugaschelys

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Aldabrachelys gigantea for sale

Aldabrachelys gigantea CB 2006,2007,2011
I am offering tortoises in different price categories depending on their size and appearance.
All are healthy and in a good nutritional condition - the different price corresponds to how even are their shells.
The smallest are size 35 - 45 cm and the category with the most even/pretty shell is for 3 750 EUR (90 000 CZK), with average shell is for 3 000 EUR (70 000 CZK), and with the worst and most uneven shell are for 1 700 EUR (40 000 CZK)
Special offer - 3 tortoises, one from each category for the total of 6 250 EUR (150 000 CZK)
Level of protection II B
The tortoises are from a captive bred farm in the Seychelles, imported to the Czech Republic with the European CITES permit

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Stigmochelys pardalis pardalis 9-12cm(300-450g),bastante claras de coloración.
Factura,cites y chip

Looking for Transport from Verona Show 8.5.2022 to germany. 4 tortoises ( one Box).
Pay for Transport.

Possibile delivery for Houten:

2.3 Testudo marginata cb 2007/2008
1.1 Testudo graeca marrokkensis
1.0 Testudo kleimanni
1.1 Cuora trifasciata luetocephala cb 20
1.1 Thecadactylus oskrobapreinorum adult eggs laying
1.1 Neprhurus vertebralis adult female young male

Hi, I am looking for siebenrockella leytensis, gopherus, notochelys and raise my spinosa group. Thanks

Looking for Heosemys spinosa, siebenrockella leytensis, notochelys, orlitia, elusor, cycloderma. Rare turtles and tortoises

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Turtles and tortoises available

10 Stigmochelys pardalis pardalis CB21 South African line
15 Chelydra serpentina Oragne Hypo CB21
10 Cuora amboinensis kamaroma & couro CB20-21, 5-10cm
1.0 Kinosternon flavescens CB adult
10 Macrochelys temmincki 5cm

Details on request, delivery in Hamm in march possible (if the show happens).

Looking for notochelys platynota, siebenrockella leytensis, sternotherus depressus, messoclemmys nasuta. Rare turtles and tortoises
Pay well. Possible exchange for rare turtles and lizards.

Looking for hardella turjii, siebenrockella leytensis, cycloderma, batagur, sternotherus depressus , Heosemys spinosa. Rare turtles and tortoises
Pay well
Offer by mail. Regards

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unique specimens TORTOISES

0.0.3 Aldabrachelys Gigantea 3-5kg
0.0.5 Aldabrachelys Gigantea 400-800g
0.3 Astrochelys Radiata con endoscopia 1-2kg.
2.8 Stigmochelys Pardalis(Kenia)
0.0.7 Stigmochelys Pardalis Pardalis 250-450g
1.0 Stigmochelys Pardalis Somalica 1,5kg

I'm looking for the following turtles, I can pick up in Europe, eventually Hamm show in march:

X.X Apalone ferox
0.1 Apalone spinifera
0.1 Chersina angulata (can trade with 1.0)
1.0 Graptemys barbouri
1.0 Pelusios rhodesianus
0.1 Pyxidea mouhoti
0.1 Terrapene carolina carolina
0.1 Terrapene carolina triunguis

I can trade with turtles and tortoises. Thank you

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Astrochelys radiata cb 2015

I’m selling two of my radiated tortoises born in 2015. They are from different bloodlines (Belgium and Germany). Only possible pick up is at my home. Only for people who know how to take care for exotic tortoises.

Price: €1100 per animal.

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turtles and tortoises for verona show

1.0 Stigmochelys pardalis pardalis CB male from South Africa 1,4 kg
1 Rhinoclemmys punctualria 10-12cm (1.0 ?)
4 Geochelone elegans CB 7-9cm chipped and cites
Delivery in Verona possible this week end