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Frösche  kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Pipa carvalhoi CB2022 juveniles +1
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Pipa carvalhoi CB2022 juveniles

Available on Hamm 11.06.2022. 40 eur/each. Coin in the photo has a diameter of 21.5 mm

Platemys platycephala (weibcheen)
Pipa pipa (egal)
Cynops phyrrpogaster (egal)
Ambystoma andersonii

Verkaufe Frösche

Pipa pipa .

Adult,150€,Suriname source,two years in captivity

Looking for Hamm 11/6-22
Wir suche

Euprepiophis mandarinus

Brookesia sp.

Furcifer pardalis 2.2

Furcifer oustaleti 0.2

Eublepharis macularius 2.4 (sub adult-adult) No morphs

Nephila sp.

Pipa pipa

Looking for:
Theloderma ryabovi
Ceratophrys ornata males
Pipa pipa
Litoria caerulea adults
Dyscophus guinettii, antongilii
Pedosibes hosii- i could pay high price for this!