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Lanthanotus borneensis cb 21

0.0.2 Lanthanotus borneensis cb21 available.
Both animals from different clutches and unrelated parents.
Houten possible

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CB19 Lanthanotus Borneensis

CB19 Lanthanotus Borneensis , Possible 1.0 Perfect animal with papers

Hello i sell my beautiful pair of adulte salturius wyberba

(very not cheap animals)

i m open to trade with naultinus sp or other saltuarius sp ,lanthanotus borneensis

Looking for: s. Leytensis, podocnemis, carettochelys, rare
turtles and tortoises , Heosemys spinosa
Ouroborus, lanthanotus, corucia

Heloderma horridum "Oaxaca locality" CB 2020
0.0.x babies

More info on mail or via

Exchange ONLY interested with naultinus, CB Ouroborus
cataphractus , Lanthanotus borneensis , Heloderma
suspectum females and egernia depressa and cygnitos.
Delivery possible in some areas of Germany, Holland,
Belgium and Czech republic