Dendroaspis Anzeigen Standard

Suche 0.1 Dendroaspis viridis (adult/subadult)
Grün oder Gelb wobei Gelb bevorzugt wird
Bitte alles anbieten!

I'm looking for a pair, but I can take and single animals.
I can take them from most of the European shows.

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Looking for Dendroaspis, Oxyuranus, Ophiophagus

For Houten(snake day) im looking for:

Dendroaspis viridis 0,1
Ophiophagus hannah - malay, indo, sumatra
Dendroaspis jamesoni kaimosae x,x
Oxyuranus scutellatus scutellatus 1,0
Oxyuranus scutellatus cani 0,1

I would like to find a yellow or blue female.
Any age it doesn’t matter.

Pickup at snake day in October.

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1,1 Naja melanoleuca, 2,0 Dendroaspis viridis

1,1 Naja melanoleuca - adult
2,0 Dendroaspis viridis - adult/subadult blue/green
Possible trade for dendrospis, oxyuranus, ophiophagus

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Adult pair Naja melanoleuca

Adult pair Naja melanoleuca for sale. Handover at Houten(Snake day). Possible trade for o.hannah, dendroaspis sp, oxyuranus sp.

I have the following for sale

adult Western green mambas -Dendroaspis viridis

adult black spitting cobras - Naja nigricollis

sub adult Gaboon vipers- bitis rhinoceros

Rhino vipers - Bitis nasicorni

Baby Puff adders- bitis arietans - these are cb by ourselfs, we have around 80ish left of these

interested in trades , ideally looking for bothrops, king cobras and naja species... will consider all offers

Dendroaspis polylepis 1.1
Dendroaspis angusticeps 1.1
Pseudaspis cana 1.1
all CB 2022. all South Africa locality

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Dendroaspis polylepis, black mamba

0.0.1 Dendroaspis polylepis cb19

300 or good offer
Only serious and experience people.

Contact me before 07:00 on Sunday
Pick up houten or my place.

Suche ein Pärchen Dendroaspis viridis und Dendroaspis polylepis - jung oder adult - die Tiere werden abgeholt.

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Suche Dendroaspis viridis

Suche ein adultes Männchen - würde zusätzlich auch ein Pärchen kaufen

Suche Dendroaspis angusticeps, D. jamesoni, D. polylepis und D. viridis

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Venomous Snakes Avaliable (Offer or Trade)

1.1 Dendroaspis Angusticeps (CB21) - €300 Each or €580 Pair
1.0 Dendroaspis Jamesoni (LTC) - €300
2.0 Crotalus Atrox Adult Wild Type (LTC) - €50 Each
0.0.16 Naja Pallida (CB21) - €100 Each
0.1 Naja naja karachiensis (CB21) - €150
0.0.6 Bitis Arietans (CB21) - €150 Each
0.1 Crotalus Mitchellii Stephensi (CB Unknown) - €100

I am willing to trade for other Venomous snakes. Looking for Rattlesnakes and other Pit Vipers

I will be attending Terraria-Houten on the 5th of December.

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1.1 Dendroaspis viridis

I offer my dendroaspis viridis couple.
Eat and shed good! More info pm

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Elapids, Bitis, venomous, Cobras

All animals ar adults or close to adults

Bitis aritetens 1,0

Bitis gabonica

Bitis Rhinoceros 0.1

Boiga dendrophila 0.1

Dendroaspis viridis 0,0,1

Naja siamensis 1,0

Naja nigrocincta woodi 2,0

Naja samarensis 1,1

Aspidelaps lubricus lubricus 1,0

Naja nubiae 1,1

Naja nigricincta 0,1

Naja arabica 1,1

Naja pallida 1,1

Helping a friend to sell his animals. Cheap if you buy in bigger numbers. Or maybe someone wants all. Contact me and we discuss.

Bitis cornuta, Springbok, CB 2018, 1.2
Bitis rubida, CB 2019, 1.1
Candoia paulsoni, adult, 1.1
Dendroaspis polylepis, SA, adult, 1.1
Elaphe taeniuria ridleyi, CB 2018, 1.1
Gongylophis colubrinus, adult, 2.2
Naja nivea, adult, 1.1
Ophiophagus hannah, CB 2014, 0.1
Psammophis subtaeniatus, CB 2019, 1.1

4.4 Aspidelaps lubricus ('19)
1.1 Bitis Atropos ('17)
0.1 Boaedon capensis (Albino)('17)
1.0 Boaedon capensis (Ghost)('17)
1.2 Agkistrodon contortris ('16')
1.1 Dendroaspis angusticeps ('15')
1.1 Bitis arientans(Lake Nakuru)('16')
2.0 Aspidelaps scutatus ('16')
4.4 Naja Annulifera (Banded)('19')
8.7 Trimesurus albolabris ('19)

1.1 Oxyuranus microlepidotus subadult

1.1 Oxyuranus mircrolepidotus breeding pair

1.1 Heloderma suspectum breeding pair

1.0 Dendroaspis angusticeps Adult

1.1 Naja Kaouthia leuzistic breeding pair

trade against Crocodylus moreletii