Chondro Anzeigen Standard

Ich suche 1 oder 2 Exemplare von Chondrodactylus briboni oder turneri.

Thamnophis eques patzcuaroensis (0.0.6, 5Wochen alt)
Thamnophis proximus proximus (0.0.4, 5Wochen alt)
Craspedocephalus trgoocephalus (0.1, 3Jahre alt)
Anolis Smallwoodi (1.1 2Jahre Blutsfremd)
Pituophis melanoleucus (1.0, 2Jahre)
Pseudelaphe flavirufa (4Jahre alt)
Hystrix cistata ZP (1.1 3Jahre + 2 NZ" 22 und 2NZ' 23)
Chondrodactylus bibroni (1.1, 3 Jahre alt, Blutsfremd)
Correlophus ciliatus (1.0 NZ 2021)
Correlophus ciliatus (0.0.1. NZ 2023)

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Geckos Geckos Geckos geckos

Für Hamm. 1.1. Zp uroplatus alluaudi, 1.1. Uroplatus alluaudi NZ, rhc.ciliatus, 4.0. euplepharis fuscus NZ 2022, 0.0.4 euplepharis angramainya kermansha, 0.0.2 rhc.leachianus Friedel line, 1.0.phyllurus amnicola, 2.0. Oedura tryoni, 0.0.5 gecko gecko, 1.0. Rhc.trachycephalus, 3 Jahre, 0.1. Rhc trachycephalus 1 Jahr, 2,0 chondrodactylus angulifer, 1.1. Nephrurus dealeni, 2.0 nephrurus dealeni

Pythons kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Morelia viridis, grüne Baumpython (Aru), Morelia spilota harrisoni +2
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Morelia viridis, grüne Baumpython (Aru), Morelia spilota harrisoni


Am Schlangentag der European Snake Association (ESV) am 8. Oktober 2023 in der Expo in Houten, Niederlande, verkaufe ich Nachzucht folgender Tiere:
1) Morelia viridis (Aru), die Grüne Baumpython (Chondropython), 1/6/2023
2) Morelia spilota harrisoni, die Irian Jaya-Teppichpython, 10/6/2023

Bild 3: Mutter, bild 4: Vater Morelia viridis

Tisch K4. Sehe Bild 2.

Die Preise sind wert.


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Varanus, Crotaphytus and Geckos

0,0,2 Varanus gilleni - sold
0,0,2 Crotaphytus vestigium
2,2 Crotaphytus collaris Wichita Mts - sold
0,1 Crotaphytus collaris Texas - sold
0,0,4 Strophurus ciliaris
0,5 Heteronotia binoei
0,0,4 Chondrodactylus angulifer
0,0,10+ Tropiocolotes algericus
0,0,3 Saurodactylus harrisii - sold
0,0,10+ Quedenfeldtia moerens Tafraoute

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Abzugeben corallus hortulanus 1.1
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Abzugeben corallus hortulanus 1.1

Foto zeigt das Weibchen. Männchen komplett gelb.
Übergabe in Hamm ist möglich.
Mehr Infos per Mail

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GECKOS for Houten or Hamm

2,1 Varanus tristis orientalis unrelative parents 10/2022
1,1 Eublepharis angramainyu Congha Zambil 2020
0,0,2 Eurydactylove agricolae 8/2023
1,1 Chondrodactylus angulifer 2023
0,2 M.chahoua 2022

Geckos kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Chondrodactylus angulifer 1,0 Nz 22
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Chondrodactylus angulifer 1,0 Nz 22

1,0 Chondrodactylus angulifer Nz 22 südliches Namibia.
0,1 Eublepharis turcmenicus Nz 18

Geckos kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Nephrurus, Strophurus, Chondrodactylus, Pachydactylus, Lucasium,… +2
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Nephrurus, Strophurus, Chondrodactylus, Pachydactylus, Lucasium,…

Hamm september possible!

1.0.1 N. deleani (male from 2020)
1.0 L. damaeum (pet only) CB21
1.0 N. levis levis (Red) CB19
0.0.3 S. taenicauda Silver Eyed CB23
0.0.10 S. taenicauda Wild Eyed CB23
1.1 Ch. angulifer CB23
1.2 P. latirostris CB22
0.1 AFT - Oreo Patternless 50% het. Zulu

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Different geckos for Hamm/Werne

0.1 Bavayia periclitata “ Riviere Nehoue”
1.0 Chondrodactylus angulifer angulifer
0.1 Correlophus ciliatus “F3, Pine Island”
0.1 Nephrurus cinctus “Patternless”
0.1 Rhacodactylus auriculatus “F1, Mt. Koghi”
1.1 Nephrurus l. pilbarensis (0.1 patternless poss het albino, 1.0 het albino, poss het patternless)
1.0 Phelsuma grandis

Pythons kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Suche Morelia viridis/Baumpython/Chondro
Suche Pythons

Suche Morelia viridis/Baumpython/Chondro

Suche Morelia viridis, auch gerne Designer, bitte alles anbieten mit Infos, Bild und Preis.

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Morelia viridis BIAK -Chondropython - GTP Green tree pyt. - Baumpython +2
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Morelia viridis BIAK -Chondropython - GTP Green tree pyt. - Baumpython

Transport to your doors. free shipping on orders of more pieces. Delivery in Hamm or other shows possible.
photos, prices : - Available - Biak, email :

1.0 heloderma suspectum
1.1 egernia stokesii breeders (huge animals)
0.0.6 chondrodactylus spec Kalahari (patternless and normal)
0.0.4 eublepharis angramainyu
1.0 eugongylus mentovarius
2.0 gehyra marginata
0.0.3 oedura coggeri

Chondrodactylus fitzsimmonsi
Chondrodactylus sp, kalahari
Chondrodactylus anguilifer
Pristuris rupestris
Coleonyx elegans
Goniurosaurus luii
Goniurosaurus aeneus

Boas kaufen und verkaufen Foto: Boa constrictor constrictor Suriname 2022 +1
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Boa constrictor constrictor Suriname 2022

1.1 Boa constrictor constrictor Suriname 2022 available. They are negative tested for arenavirus, nidovirus, adenovirus, paramyxovirus/ferlavirus, reovirus and eating defrost regularly. I change for spilota harrisoni or chondro too.

For Hamm Show - September - looking for pairs, groups or young of Chondrodactylus fitzsimmonsi, laevigatus, Kalahari and angulifer. Let me know what you have and the price. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

1.1 egernia stokesii cb11/20
1.1 egernia stokesii cb12/21
1.0 egernia stokesii cb12/21
0.3 Eublepharis fasciolatus cb 22
1.1.2 chondrodactylus spec Kalahari cb23
1.0 oedura coggeri cb22

0.3 Eublepharis fuscus cb21
0.3 Eublepharis angramainyu cb22
1.0 Aeluroscalabotes felinus cb21
1.1 trachydactylus hajarensis cb21
1.1 trachydactylus spatalurus cb22
1.0 Heloderma suspectum cb 19
1,0 oedura coggeri cb21
1.1.2 chondrodactylus spec Kalahari cb22
Trades possible
Hamm/usa possible

Searching for june hamm
Arid hemidactylus

And other similar geckos

Schlangen kaufen und verkaufen Foto: I warn you !!! Nicolas Hussard Nidovurus!!!
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I warn you !!! Nicolas Hussard Nidovurus!!!

This is a warning about Nicolas Hussard, everyone should think twice to buy from him. I’ve bought two snakes from him – Morelia viridis. He said that they come from breeding and not from the wild and also that he has them for a long time. When I took them for general checkup to the vet it turned out that they have a lot of parasites, that often show up in snakes directly from the wild (such as Moaciria chondropythonis; Heterakidae; Spinicaudainae; Kalicephalus spp flagellata). It also had NIDO virus which is really dangerous snakes and can potentially even kill them, it is also easily contracted to other snakes. In the emails he said that he told me he had not tested the animals and that I took them at my own risk and if I don’t like the snakes with NIDO, I can sell them to people that don’t have other boids. He also added that NIDO is like COVID, it comes and goes, but he forgot about the fact that it is lethal to some. In the same email he also claimed that the NIDO virus is a new thing to him and no one has heard about it, which is hypocratic as he told me the animals will live and be fine, so how can he know then if he hasn’t heard about NIDO? The other concerning fact is that if the animals had been in his care for a long time, that means potentially all of his animals have the same bacteria and viruses and are not safe for anyone that have reptiles. I have all the emails and can show to anybody interested, especially that Nicolas is not taking any responsibility about animals the second they go to somebody else. I also have all the tests that I can show to everyone.