Anatolian Anzeigen Standard

I am looking for couple 1.1 or 1.2 of Testudo Graeca
Anamurensis possibility of exchange with couple 1.1 or 1.2 of
Testudo Graeca Anatolian Giant Reimann

In search of
-Testudo graeca nabeulensis
-Testudo graeca anamurensis
-Testudo graeca ibera Anatolian

2.0.0 Testudo graeca ibera East Anatolian 2008/2011
from Reimann's farm
with chips and cites
exchange with female or for sale, possible shipment

For sale:

1.2 Clemmys guttata CB2017 and 2018 (beautiful trio)
3.0 Mauremys japonica CB2017
1.2 Pyxidea (Cuora) mouhoti mouhoti -male CB2014, the 2 others are CB 2017 and 2018
1.0 Geoemyda spengleri CB2018 (trade possible against young female)
1.0 Testudo 'Anatolian giant' CB2007 beautiful animal - Cites and chip

To collect near Paris (France)
or Houten 20/09