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Ich möchte gerne 1.0 meiner S.i.s IRAN gegen 0.1 S.i.s IRAN tauschen.

I want to swap 1.0 of my S.i.s from IRAN against 0.1 S.i.s from IRAN.

Salamander (at) HELservices . de

Need to get some eggs/animals from Europe since the inbreeding increases in Sweden. We need to save the gene pool. Please help!

Salamandra Salamandra terrestris CB 2018 for sale. If you are interested sent me email.

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Searching Tylotriton and Ambystoma


I m from Belgium and I m searching :
Ambystoma mavortium
Pleurodeles walth Man
Hypselotriton orientalis

And Bombina orientalis too :D


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Suche Ambystoma Maculatum

Suche Ambystoma Maculatum, Geschlecht ist egal.

Looking for Ambystoma Maculatum

Ich suche Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus maculosus) Mindestens ein Tiere.