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Saara, uromastyx and Varanus (tree monitors) for sale

clock.icon vor 5 Monaten - Netherlands

I am ending my hobby, after many many years of keeping reptiles with great joy it is time for a new hobby. Therefor I am selling my animals so they can go to someone who is still as passionate about the, as I once was myself.
I have the following animals for sale:

1.1 Saara loricata (proven breeders) - SOLD
1.1 Uromastyx princeps (had eggs but found them too late)
1.1 Uromastyx ornata (had eggs but found them too late)
1.0 Varanus gilleni (young animal)
1.1 Varanus reisingeri (female is blind in one eye but it doesn’t bother her or keep them from mating)

All animals are captive bred, only the male reisingeri is wild caught. Makes him all the more stunning though, he is very bright yellow.

You can contact me for more information and pictures.
Please only contact me if you are seriously interested.

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