Biete Landschildkröten

Radiata, platynota, psammobates, areolatus

clock.icon vor einem Monat - Trieste

Available the following animals.
Possible delivery in Hamm or Houten.

- Amazing adult Astrochelys radiata female, very yellow, plastron 36cm.
- Astrochelys radiata sub adult pair up to 6-6,5kg.
- Astrochelys radiata sub adult pair up to 5kg.
- Astrochelys radiata sexed females, nice specimens from 500g until 3kg.
- Astrochelys radiata babies, about 200/300g.
- Psammobates tentorius verroxii 1.0.1
- Homopus areolatus 1.1 (adult male and young female)
- Geochelone platynota, available singular sexed females or in pair.
- Testudo hermanni het x leucismo 0.0.8

No photo collectors or curious, I will send photos and informations only to seriously interested persons.

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