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Looking for the following

clock.icon vor 12 Monaten - SanDiego

I am looking for the following spieces if you have them over 10cm or adult please reach out even if you do not export. I can have pickup arranged. Email ( WhatsApp (+1-858-924-2105) willing to pay over retail prices.

1. Chaco tortoises
(Chelonoidis chilensis)
2. Albino/het redfoot tortoise
(Chelonoidis carbonaria)
3. Albino/het albino Hemanns tortoises
(Testudo hermanni)
4. Western Herman’s tortoises
(Testudo hermanni hermanni)
5. Padloper tortoises
(Homopus) (under 10cm is ok)
6. Angulated tortoise
(Chersina angulata)
7. Tent tortoises
(Psammobates tentorius)

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