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In search of reptile, amphibian and invertebrate breeders!

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Hello breeders!
We are looking for reptiles, amphibians and inverts of any kind!
As one of the biggest wholesalers in Europe, we are mostly interested in buying reptiles in larger quantities. Nevertheless, don’t hesitate to offer us animals in smaller quantities as well.
Our goal is to establish a good long-term relationship to keep working together in the future.
You breed it, we buy it!
Here are some animals we are especially interested in:
- Varanus sp.
- Nephrurus sp.
-Strophurus sp.
- Goniurosaurus sp.
- Chamaeleo spp.
- Furcifer spp.
- Dendrobates spp.
- Morelia sp.
- Corallus sp.
and much more

Please email us if you are interested in collaborating: /

FYI: We will be attending the Hamm show

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