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I offer tortoises from my breeding, CB PREMIUM

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I offer tortoises from my breeding, CB 2020:
Good quantity discount!! Specialy for regular wholesalers.
All tortoises (not horsfieldi) have CITES and yellow paper. All chiped.
Testudo hermanni boettgeri 0,0,x
Testudo hermanni hermanni 0,0,x
Testudo marginata 0,0,x
Testudo graeca 0,0,x
Testudo horsfieldi 0,0,x - 59 €/pc
Kinixys zombensis 0,0,15 - 270€/pc

After the deal we are able to ship all over the world.

Meet me in Czech republic anytime we agreed
4.10.2020. at Verona Reptiles in Italy.

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