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Heloderma horridum localities

clock.icon vor 2 Wochen - Aalborg

For Hamm:
Heloderma horridum “Oaxaca” DKCB2020
0.0.3 (Looks like 1.2) Nice black animals with good pattern. They should be ready next year
2300€ for the group

Heloderma horridum “Colima” USCB2018
2.0.0 Superblack imported from Steve Angeli back in 2018.
650€ each

Heloderma exasperatum USCB2017
1.1.0 Imports from Steve Angeli back in 2018. Proven breeders. Made some spectacular babies in my facility last year!
1800€ for the pair

Serious inquiries only please.

Open for trades with Apodora papuana, Morelia viridis/ azurea, Leiopython, Heloderma suspectum or Corucia zebrata

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