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Our enclosures are made out of solid polypropylene plates (PP - dont mistake it with foamed PVC), with all joints merged by welding (not glued). Tempered glass, unique solutions.

Future Terra - unique professional plastic terrariums made in dedicated sizes, shipped to your adress.

Welding is a time consuming, “handmade" process, that guarantees a super solid connection that will last for decades.
The enclosures are very durable, ultra light, fully waterproof, high temperature resistant and very heat stable. These factors combined together with futuristic and esthetic design, makes our products a perfect match for people who are looking for top quality.

Future Terra is made by reptile breeders with passion. We started this for ourselfs. Each terrarium consumes alot of time and efford.

Our goal is to bring the reptile housing to the next level, and meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

We will gladly help you customize the best terrarium for your species!
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