Biete Geckos

For Hamm, Houten or Verona, C. ciliatus, R. auriculatus and M. chahoua

clock.icon vor 4 Wochen - SEVILLA

2022 offspring of our breeding groups. All animals eating Repashy and gecko nutrition diets 2 times per week and live dubia roaches once per week. Parents pictures available in our public website

0.1 C. ciliatus DROJ170922A 220€

0.0.1 R. auriculatus ALFI221022A 190€
0.1 R. auriculatus ALFI260822B 220€
0.0.1 R. auriculatus ALNE021022A 190€
0.1 R. auriculatus GULO151022A 190€
0.1 R. auriculatus MIJU050822A 250€
1.0 R. auriculatus MIJU170922A 400€

1.0 M. chahoua PIKI020722A 320€

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