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Drymarchon, Gonyosoma, Philodryas, Elaphe carinata

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Availability list for March:

x.x Drymarchon erebennus (texas)CB2023 (amazing in size) 1800€ pair
x.x Drymarchon black tails (mottled and clean) CB2023 1600€ pair, 800€ single female
0.2 Drymarchon black tails (micro defect end of tail) CB2023 1000€ both
x.x Drymarchon melanurus pure Yucatan CB2023 (different grades of red) from 3500 to 5300€ pair, single males possible

Elaphe carinata
1.1 Lemon yellow CB2023 1500€ each snake
1.1 100% het Lemon yellow/granite CB2023
1.1 Dark Purple CB2023 2000€ pair
0.1 Axanthic adult and ready to breed 1500€

Gonyosoma boulengeri CB2023 very well started, feeding perfectly on defrosted pinkies 750€ pair

1.1 Philodendron baroni brown phase CB2022 (sub adults) 1100€ pair

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