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Dermestes maculatus starting set

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I offer Dermestes maculatus starting colonies.
They are flesh eating Beatles used to clean up gently skeletons by taxidermists and museums. However, they can also be used as clean up crew in cricket boxes or in colonies of live bearing roaches (es. Blaptica dubia). I do not recommend to add them to Blatta lateralis colonies because the small larvae can infiltrate the oothecae.

I use them also as clean up crew in my Assassin bugs, they eat the beatles, both adults and larvae, as well so the Assassin bugs enclosure does not get overrun by the D. maculatus.

They can eat dry carnivorous pellets (I used dry cat food), but it is good to offer raw meat at least once per month.

They reproduce very quickly, especially if they get raw meat and they neither can climb smooth surfaces nor can fly at any of the life stages. Therefore, I keep mine in an open plastic container, relatively deep, with some cotton for them to lay eggs and find hide when they pupate.

Inbox me for more information. I can ship anywhere within the EU.

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