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CB2021 king, milk and corn snakes for sale! PREMIUM

clock.icon vor 7 Tagen - Prague

Milk and king snakes:
X.X L. g. floridana “Sulphur Lavender“ – 90€/pc
1pc L. g. floridana “Sulphur Snow“ – 140€/pc
X.X L. t. campbelli "Apricot" - 75€/pc
X.X L. leonis “Leopard“ – 150€/pc
X.X L. leonis “Orange Pastel King“ - 290€/pc
X.X L. t. nelsoni “Albino“ – 95€/pc
X.X L. g. californiae "Normal" - 65€/pc
X.X L. g. californiae "Designer" - 75€/pc
X.X L. g. californiae "High white/banana" - 100€/pc
X.X L. g. californiae "Albino High white/banana" - 140€/pc
X.X L. g. californiae “Extreme white/banana“ – 220€/pc
X.X L. g. californiae “Albino“ – 90€/pc
X.X L. g. californiae “Extreme white albino/banana“ –260€/pc

P. guttata:
X.X Gold Dust Motley- 30€/pc
X.X Amelano Tessera – 36€/pc
X.X Anery Tessera 42€/pc
1pc Snow Tessera 55€
X.X Palmetto 220€/pc
X.X Albino Palmetto – 270€/pc
X.X Anery Palmetto 230€/pc
X.X Palmetto with bug eyes – 160€/pc
X.X Albino Palmetto with bug eyes 180€/pc
X.X Anery Palmetto with bug eyes 190€/pc

P. guttata 100% het palmetto:
X.0 Normal 25€/pc
0.X Normal 65€/pc
X.0 Anery 30€/pc
0.X Anery 75€/pc
0.2 Motley 70€
0.1 Snow 85€
2.0 Anery motley 30€/pc
0.1 Anery motley 85€
1.0 Tessera 35€
0.3 Tessera 80€/pc
1.0 Anery Tessera 45€

All animals are eating and in perfect condition. Actual numbers on request. We can ship to your door to Germany and Austria for very reasonable price. Contact:

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