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Boxes with stainless steel ventilation ring

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Stainless steel ventilation ring with handles of 50 mm, 70 mm and 100 mm diameter.

The solid frame ensures perfect holding and tension of the mesh, the frame is complemented by a raised hem with a height of 1 mm and four handles, the 100 mm version has six handles.
These handles are used for fastening in the material. The ring is developed primarily as a ventilation hole for plastic boxes. A huge advantage is that the ring can be used repeatedly.

50 mm version: recommended installation hole - 40 mm or 41 mm
70 mm version: recommended installation hole - 59 mm or 60 mm
100 mm version: recommended opening for installation - 89 mm

1 piece
(50mm - €2.6)
(70mm - €3)
(100mm - €3.9)

15 pieces + 1 FREE
20 pieces + 2 FREE
30 pieces + 4 FREE

100 or more pieces
(50mm - €2.17/pc)
(70mm- 2.5€/pc)
(100mm - €3.26/pc)

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