Biete Landschildkröten

1.3 & 1.3 Breeding groups, Testudo hermanni boettgeri (THB)

clock.icon vor 2 Jahren - Hollviken

I will end my breeding and sell my two very good and nice breeding groups.
Each group is very successful in breeding and gives many hatchlings each year.
I have had them for several years and am careful who I sell to. I only sell to buyers who know how to take good care of them and can provide a lot of space for them all year round.
See my website:

Group 1:
1.3 (one male and 3 females)
- Male, *Sweden 2013, weight ca. 0,8kg
- Female, *Sweden 2002, weight ca. 1,7kg
- Female, *Sweden 2003, weight ca. 1,5kg
- Female, *Sweden 2007, weight ca. 1,1kg
Price: 1 900Eur

Group 2:
1.3 (one male and 3 females)
- Male, *Sweden, 2012, weight ca. 0,6kg
- Female, *Slovenia, 2004, weight ca. 1,7kg
- Female, *Sweden, 2004, weight ca. 1,6kg
- Female, * Slovenia, 2004, weight ca. 1,1kg
Price: 1 900Eur

More pictures and information ca be provided after request.
I live outside Malmö in Sweden, which is also close to Copenhagen in Denmark.

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