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1.2.0 Petaurus breviceps (sugargliders)

clock.icon vor 2 Wochen - Didam

I will sell my last sugargliders because i will only keep amphibians from now on for a long time. i will sell the following:

1 lady left from her group, she is a :
- mosaic ringtail female (50% platinum/12,5% leucestic/12,5%creme) from begin 2022. the price is 199,95.

the other 2 are my new breeding couple (already together in an enclosure) and they are:
- mosaic male (100%platinum/25%leucestic/25%creme) from end 2020 449,95.
- mosaic female (100%platinum/66%leucestic/25%creme) van march 2022 349,95.

Pick up in Didam, that is a small village in the netherlands close to Emmerich am rhein.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me!

Kind regards,

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