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Several tortoises available PREMIUM

clock.icon 2 months ago - Trieste

As title above, several tortoises available.
Please only real enthusiasts and interested.
Here is a list of the available animals:
- Astrochelys radiata 1.1 very nice specimens
- Astrochelys radiata female in different sizes (1-3kg) and with nice coloration
- Astrochelys radiata, 5 females with endoscopy from the vet and several nice yellow babies in different sizes (I can forward photos of the animals available)
- Aldabrachelys gigantea 2kg perfect nice and smooth specimen
- Geochelone elegans Sri lanka 0.2
- Testudo kleinmanni 0.0.3
- Testudo hermanni leucistic 0.0.2
- Cuora flavomarginata 1.5.4
- Cuora mccordi 0.0.3
- Geochelone platynota 0.3 females with endoscopy from the vet
- Geochelone carbonaria cherry head 0.0.3

For further informations please drop me a mail, or contact via whatsapp (0039-3287364997).

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